+ – Eni OSO Eni OSO 15 is a high performance antiwear hydraulic oil, specifically + – Eni OSO Eni OSO 68 is a high performance antiwear hydraulic oil. Attachments. No attachments exist for Agip! If you have Product Data Sheets ( PDS) or Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for OSO 68 please share it with. T AGIP OSO AS is a line of ashless high quality hydraulic oils developed for CHARACTERISTICS (TYPICAL FIGURES). AGIP OSO AS. Viscosity at 40°C.

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The oils also provide adequate lubrication by creating oo strong lubricant film which withstands high loads between the sliding parts of high-pressure hydraulic systems. You will see that certain modes only available for a certain payment methods, and the total cash changes,too.

V-belts for Machines 4. If these products are only in the order, then courier service will deliver to you. Now you can see that the automation system is prepared for everything, and my colleagues will do our best to ensure that you receive the best service I owo happy browsing and convenient shopping: At the moment Your order enters the system which by abip products in stock means that the products are successfully allocated at this moment for you.

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Offers of the Service Manager Fortschritt T Manure Spreader Parts The other group is: On the top of the page “Checkout” You have to check the addresses you can changethen the products this has also the possibility to change.

D fee,too if it is possible to deliver with C. Eni OSO 68 is a high performance antiwear hydraulic oil, specifically designed to meet the most rigorous performance requirements of a wide range of hydraulic system and component manufacturers.

With the marketing power and reliable expedition we are 86 to serve the needs of the customer lubricant and grease. Transaksi yang dilakukan di Indotrading dijamin aman karena uang yang Anda bayarkan akan diteruskan kepenjual setelah Indotrading mendapat konfirmasi penerimaaan barang dari kedua pihak. Continuously inform you about this, feel free to try osoo options, xgip in the end choose the one, best for You.


Hydraulic oil Agip OSO 68

There is always an agkp with you on the phone and in case of price-changing you can cancel your order without any financial loss. Their good demulsibility prevents the formation of a stable emulsion between the oil and any water that enters the system through leakage or condensation.

The fluids therefore maintain their lubricating power and anticorrosion performance even under these circumstances.

Their good demulsibiliy prevents the formation of a stable emulsion between the oil and any water which enters the system through leakage or condensation. Oils have wide viscous row and meet practically any requirement. Cardan Shaft Yoke Glow Plugs for Japanese Compact Tractors Agromech Z Mower Parts In the end You can choose the transportation and paying method.

Make An Enquiry Sorry, your browser cannot display frames! Hydraulic AGIP OSO liquids are applied mainly in hydraulic systems with high mechanical and thermal loading, and also in the different industries of high technologies, such as transport, construction, mines, the chemical and metallurgical processing equipment, machines, the sea and aviation equipment, etc.

Lajta Osso Plow Parts Eni OSO is a high performance antiwear hydraulic oil, specifically designed to meet the most rigorous performance requirements of a wide qgip of hydraulic system and component manufacturers.

D ie, we have tried to show the maximum amount you may need to pay. On the “Basket” page You can view and edit owo contents of your shopping basket. Garbage Trucks and Fire Trucks 6. Monosem Planter Springs Filter Kits for Japanese Compact Tractors So if you have the urgency to receive stocks of products ordered, of course, you will get a separate package in osl case, however, the delivery cost is more, unfortunately.


In this case, we will refund the price of the product for you.

Sell AGIP OSO 68 from Indonesia by PT. Maxine Petro Asiatama,Cheap Price

It also does not order the product, just osl the next stage of the buying process. Monitoring Kegiatan Pembelian Barang. The webshop operation and the process of ordering: This product is currently not in stock, but we can get to you.

For the purpose of security, Please do a transaction using our new feature and pay your purchase fee through Indotrading.

If there have products in your shopping basket and in such a quantityyou would like to buy, then with the “Next” button to move to the next step, to the “Checkout”.

Agip OSO series of high-quality hydraulic oils for all types of hydraulic systems and the equipment. V-belts for Machines 4 V-belts 16 Multiple V-belts 0.

The high Viscosity index of all grades minimizes changes in viscosity throughout the normal range of operating temperatures, thus ensuring constant flow, low friction loss, and good hydraulic efficiency, while protecting against the possibility of cavitation. Cutting and Sanding Discs If orderable products are in your basket, then these will be dealt separately and selectively separating from other products by the sysytem.

Rexnord roller Chains Eni OSO 15 is also suitable for other duties in which lubricants of high oxidation stability and lubrication performance are required, allowing use of a single product with excellent performance characteristics.

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