Bhagavata Purana (Set in 2 Vol.) by Menon Ramesh from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On. The Bhagavata Purana by Ramesh Menon Here is the link. Bhagavata Purana A Set Of Two Volumes. Bhagavata Purana Vol2. By: Ramesh Menon. Bhagavata Purana A Set Of Two Volumes.

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Bhagavata Purana ( Set in 2 Vol.)

Dongay Rajasekhar rated it really liked it Oct 22, The readers, who like me, are puraja to purchase this book based on their experiance with The Mahabharata by same author, be cuationed.

Also, the Bhagavat Purana distorted the battle of Kuruksetra and claimed Dritharashta and Duryodhana were evil and horrible, when in the original story they really weren’t, and Balarama even favoured them and was devastated at the war.

The entire foundation of everything I was ever taught to believe is not even real. So it was fascinating from bhagafata historical perspective, seeing how people’s ideologies evolved I was already familiar with some of the mythology, mwnon hence this was an easy read for me. Also new is the addition of Krishna, who never featured in any older Indian beliefs puraana legends. In a starred review, Ramewh Reviews described his Ramayana as ‘A masterpiece made new for a generation of readers who ought to be very grateful indeed to Menon’.

I found myself reading the verses and skipping most of the commentary, and found myself wishing for a translation that lacked that commentary and included the R rated details that I felt certain Srila Prabhupada was leaving out. You take these things for granted when you’re raised with them from birth and they’re all you’ve ever known to be ‘tru This review requires background.


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I didn’t believe it. This title did not come up to my expectation. I am from Kerala and had heard stories from Bhagavatam as part of daily affairs. The women frequently had lesbian orgies.

This covers a big part of Hindu mythology, and it is better to approach it as a fictional novel rather than philosophical as that gets pretty bhagavataa. Another thing Menon does is refer to the cowherds Krishna grew up with as Gypsies. In the Mahabharata, Balarama was a completely different character.

The fluidity which Mr. I don’t know if Krishna was real or not. All these women were married to other men, by the way, but that’s okay too, because Krishna is God. Jess Brumbaugh rated it it was amazing Apr 07, I will not judge whether the philosophy of the BP is true or not.

Ramesh Menon (writer) – Wikipedia

A Modern Rendering 2 volumes Krishna: You know what that means? Chandreyee rated it liked it Kenon 22, Sriram rated it it was amazing May 27, Every story I was ever told was attributed to Radha is, in fact, bhagagata the gopis. But it’s okay because they’re ‘evil’ elephants. If a sincere spiritual seeker took them as anything else, there are plenty of Bibles around where he can read the original story.


I was always taught the ultimate aim in life was to emulate Radharani in her love for Krishna – who is the supreme God – and that years ago Krishna wanted to understand this puranx, so he incarnate as a brahmachari named Chaitanya, who was Radha-Krishna in one body. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. How is it admirable to have sex with 16, women and not even CARE?

Ramesh Menon

When Bhzgavata finally reached the last page, I was expecting more. Kannan T rated it it was amazing Sep 10, Trivia About The Bhagavata Purana. Usually delivered in days? Jayesh Iyer rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Jay N rated it it was amazing May 01, Aug 09, Aseem Kumar rated it liked it.

This is not religion; it’s rampant sexism. Suddenly these genuinely old and possibly 5,year-old stories about Siva’s sex life have additional commentary describing it all as ‘spiritual sex’ that only the ignorant would mistake as lustful.

To ask other readers questions about The Menn Puranaplease sign up. His books include The Ramayana: Views Read Edit View history.

John rated it it was amazing Mar 17, The hells, like all conditions are states of mind, too, resulting from ignorance, avidya, and from violence.