Billion BiPACN User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Billion BiPACN router. Other Billion BiPACN Guides. the full User Manual on the CD-. ROM for more advanced settings. This guide is based on the Billion BiPAC N. ADSL2+ Firewall. Modem/Router. Screen. View and Download Billion BiPAC (N) user manual online. (n) Dual WAN ADSL2+ Firewall Router. BiPAC (N) Network Router pdf manual.

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In the Control Panel, double-click on Network and choose the Protocols tab. This is especially useful for hosting servers via your ADSL connection, so that anyone manuxl to connect to you may use your domain name, rather than having to use your dynamic IP address, which changes from time to time.

Billion BiPAC-7800N Login Instructions

You may edit or delete the port mappings or click Add to manually add port mappings. Page Step 8: Restart the computer when prompted. Advanced Advanced Here users can set some advanced parameters about wireless. Enter the priority identification, tagged: Two methods can be carried.

Billion BiPAC 7800(N)X(L) User Manual

Factory Default Settings Factory Default Settings Before configuring your router, you need to know the following default settings. Mail Alert Billioj Alert Mail alert is designed to keep system administrator or other relevant personnel alerted of any unexpected events that might have occurred to the network computers or server for monitoring efficiency.


The auto channel times length it takes to scan in minutes. To disconnect or connect the link.

billipn To prevent an unauthorized wireless station from accessing the data transmitted over the network, the router offers a secure data encryption, known as WEP. User-defined description for the connection.

Page Destination Port [port or port: With this alert system, appropriate solutions may be tackled to fix problems that may have arisen so that the server can be properly maintained. This refers to the group you billlion in Interface Grouping section; A given name for the connection. You can enable the virtual Here you can enable some Virtual APs according to the request.

Connect to the server.

Port triggering triggers can open an incoming port when a client on the local network makes an outgoing connection on a predetermined port or a range of ports. Optimize Your Home Network with QoS If you are actively engaged in using P2P and are afraid of slowing down internet access throughput of other users within your network, you can thus use QoS function to set different priorities for the different applications that members of your network will be using to avoid bandwidth traffic from getting overloaded.

If you did not see your router’s ip address in the list above. In the Control Panel, double-click on Network Connections 2. Click Bipqc to set up new GRE tunnels.

IPv6 is supported by Windows XP, but you should install it first. Displays the elapsed time since the device is on. When the PBC button is pushed, a wireless communication will be established between your router and the PC. Troubleshooting Page Page – Appendix: Mabual Start Quick Start Step 1: Act as shown below: Select Default to use the now-working WAN interface for the tunnel. DLNA The Digital Living Network Alliance DLNA is mxnual non-profit collaborative trade organization established by Sony in Junewhich is responsible for defining interoperability guidelines to enable sharing of digital media between consumer devices such as computers, printers, cameras, cell phones and other multiple devices.


Internode :: Support :: Guides :: Internet Access :: NBN :: FTTP :: Billion N

It looks like this:. Page When successfully accessed, the private folder of each user is established, and user can see from the following picture. You are now ready to follow one of our other guides. The following is the policy Routing listing table.

A web browser is included as a standard application in the following operating systems: The log level allows you to configure which types of events are logged. Page service provider. Think of your router as a dedicated computer, and the firmware as the software that runs in your router. Notice Please read this notice before moving on next.

The default mode of wireless security is disabled. Important note for using this router 1. You can test the con- nection by clicking on the URL link provided. Show the route is activated or enabled.