The Lords of Creation by Frederick Lewis Allen Blowback by Christopher Simpson The Phoenix Program by Douglas Valentine The Search for an Abortionist by. Christopher Simpson is a veteran reporter, historian, and analyst who teaches at American University’s School of Communication in Washington, DC. His wor. Blowback: America’s Recruitment of Nazis and Its Effects on the Cold War. Christopher Simpson, Author Grove/Atlantic $ (p) ISBN

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I’ll give you an example: Assassination squads, guerrilla warfare groups, and propaganda machines were setup, all with the goal of destabilizing the USSR and stopping Communism.

Preview — Blowback by Christopher Simpson. We’ll hire them, we’ll protect them and so forth,” the same groups that had collaborated with Berlin. We’re going to support all of these groups that seek to overthrow Stalin, and support them, more or less, equally with money, political influence, contacts, guns if necessary, so forth.

Blowback: America’s Recruitment of Nazis and Its Effects on the Cold War

blowbaack In fact, nearly half of this page book is devoted to footnotes and source notes. What did he get? It says a couple interesting things. The point here is, that there were very intricate and changing relationships between the imperial, the dominant country, Nazi Germany, and its various minor allies, who would sometimes be in favor, sometimes out of favor.

Alan Fong We’ll get to that. Depressing yet necessary look at the American use of Nazi collaborators during the Cold War and its disastrous effects on both foreign and domestic policy. What happened is, that the Germans were, themselves, divided over how to use these Quislings [Quisling became synonymous with the blwoback “traitor” or “collaborator” in the years after World War 2] and collaborators.


It discovered several different things that are of importance. It’s because they had no intention of letting them be an independent, fascist country. They deported Jewish children to death camps. At the end of the war, the collaborators retreated back to Nazi Germany with the retreating German forces.

In this case, employment by the United States Intelligence Services of tens of thousands of former Nazis – members of the SS, German Army, and Nazi government who were directly linked to the killings of millions of individuals.

Barbara Lebouton west rated it it was amazing May 14, If you wonder if this works, look at what happened in Iraq when we decided that all of the Iraqi Officer Corp and the leadership and management of the Baath Party would be purged from the Iraqi government.

Blowback by Simpson, Christopher

Chris Simpson It’s basically the smear technique. We have about 10, 15 minutes left here, Christopher, and I want to ask some opinion questions; because I think the book, Blowbackis simpsno such significance that blowbqck raises, if you will, some questions, which, in terms of public policy, need to be looked at, and maybe just a simple one.

Near fine copy in near fine, unclipped dust jacket. Chris Simpson Another way to ask this same question [ Additionally, no other such book has made such a strong case against the CIA and cooperating agencies for effectively harming the interests of the USA in both the short and long term. The business with the German scientists is reasonably well known; there’s a whole popular consciousness about it.


I was born and dimpson had the McCarthy hearings while I was in my cradle, nlowback in grade school, there was a Kennedy [ This copy of Blowback: First of all, it talks about crimes against humanity, and that’s defined is this: Although previous study had prepared me for the general themes taken up by the author, none of the others had so impressed upon me the extent of such cooperation, both in terms of the numbers involved and the numbers, the victims, affected.

Von Braun was given crhistopher membership in the SS for 10 years. Andrew Fong rated it it was amazing Mar 17, As the Soviets consolidated power in Eastern Europe, the CIA scrambled to gain the upper hand against new enemies worldwide.

He was an honorary member of the Nazi party. Alan Fong How did you become interested christophe the subject, generally, if that was one of the catalysts? We thank you very much, and we hope to have you back.

Christopher Simpson (Author of Blowback)

Does anyone know how I can find a copy in the UK? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Louis rated it liked it Jan 04, Ground Zero Books, Ltd.