Brazil on the Rise has ratings and 54 reviews. Fred said: Larry Rohter is an important figure in American is one of the few jounalist f. In this hugely praised narrative, New York Times reporter Larry Rohter takes the reader on a lively trip through Brazil’s history, culture, and. Brazil on the rise – book by Larry Rohter. Brazil on the rise- the story of a country transformed is a book which fills the need and curiosity of the world which has.

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He is widely considered a top expert on Brazil. Of course they are not as happy with the social injustices, inequality and the inefficiencies of their o. I enjoyed the first half of the book more than the second. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Book review: “Brazil on the Rise: The Story of a Country Transformed” by Larry Rohter

The chapter on lifestyle covers the beaches, Larry Rohter explains why Brazil is on the rise and more in this short survey of contemporary Brazil. February 28, Sold by: Rohter’s book thus gives a good overview for those who need to get the basics about Brazil. It is an equally interesting read for Brazilians themselves as it says a lot about how an American experienced and interpreted everyday life in Brazil.

His grasp and deep knowledge of my country gives you a sense of its dynamic and vibrant culture as well as the rapid ascent of its economy and its transformation from dictatorship to democracy. While most Brazilians remember Collor for his impeachment, Rohter argues that Collor was instrumental in opening Brazil’s economy to the world and making it more competitive. This is by no means limited to Brazil.

It is already politically out-of-date too, having been published immediately before the presidential election – I’m kind of surprised he and his publisher didn’t just wait an extra couple months.

Larry Rohter’s love for and concern for this amazing country cones through. Rohter is at his best in those sections where, on the basis of his bbrazil knowledge and personal experience, he critically examines lary values and codes of social behaviour.

He covers the period from his arrival to the present day with clarity, curiosidades and no shortage of wit about his adopted home.

Brazil on the Rise: The Story of a Country Transformed

Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. The author knows his subject well, and presents social, economic and historical issues in a highly readable manner. Brazil, we learn, is a wildly enthralling country with a vast racial background, an enormous amount of agricultural opportunity, and a generally laissez-faire attitude; its influence on the rest of the world is substantial. It includes a history of the Portuguese arrival in the earlyslavery, economics, dictatorships, soccer, culture, carnival, political corruption, and As it happens I lived in Rio at the same time as Rohter and find it significant that he would invest 15 years as the NYTimes correspondent in Rio.


So much I learned about a country that I am hoping to visit soon. The result will be more feature stories, interviews and articles on Latin America’s giant. I think it is a great conversation starter. There will be lots of admiration, but also a lot of scrutiny and unsolicited advice. Why is Israel a success?

If you are planning a trip to Brazil or you’re interested in Brazil, I will recommend this book to you. With the recent granting of the Summer Olympics to Rio de Janeiro, Rohter’s accomplished overview proves a solid brush-up.

On what America and Brazil have in common: Going beyond the popular stereotypes of samba, supermodels, and soccer, rohtrr shows us a stunning and varied landscape–from breathtaking tropical A timeline of major events could have also been helpful, such as dates of political ideological changes, or the dates of large discoveries or decisions.

I feel like it have a greater gohter of the country and its culture.

Understanding the extraordinary changes the country has undergone since the time of his first visit in the s, when it was ruled by repressive military dictatorship and its obvious economic potential seemed doomed to continual frustration, is the main motivation for the book. Now, I wonder when Mr Rohter will write a sequel, Brazil on the Plunge, now that the country is finally succumbing after 12 years of irresponsible actions by a discredited administration that, incredibly enough, has been reelected in for 4 years more.

Therefore I need a good source that would back me up with all my knowledge and experience in Brazil that was sharing. Although the economic situation has changed drastically since this book was written, it offers valuable insights as to how Brazil’s culture and economy was shaped. It is a great read for anyone who is interested in Brazil as a country that is up and coming in the world stage as well as those who is thinking of traveling and seeing it for themselves. He not only addresses the stereotypical Brazilian topics of soccer, beaches, and the Amazon, but he also tackles such complex subjects as oil, race, and politics…Recommended.


In this book, he successfully illuminates some of the more convoluted issues within Brazilian society. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Yet nature’s gifts have not always spelled national prosperity: Brazilians may not be used to discussing domestic problems with outsiders. The following items were successfully added. The few things I would like to see improved in this book are simple.

Going beyond the popular stereotypes of samba, supermodels, and soccer, he shows us a stunning and varied landscape–from breathtaking tropical beaches to the lush and dangerous Amazon rainforest–and how a complex In this hugely praised narrative, New York Times reporter Larry Rohter takes the reader on a lively trip through Brazil’s history, culture, and booming economy.

Apr 28, Hilary rated it it was amazing Shelves: In the former, he writes about the history of the country, while also covering some ln the corruption and inequalities that have blighted Brazil’s development. I was really surprised with how much Bu learned from this book, because I was expecting a more “touching of the surface” treatment.

But be aware, however, that Brazil has changed a lot sinceespecially regarding its economic situation. His summary of Brazilian top-notch literature is particularly welcoming as it is often overlooked due to the dominant role Brazilian music plays abroad.

Even that I am Brazilian and I believed that I did not need to read about Brazil, I enjoyed some much seen from others prospective that I read the entire book and I bought one just in case I need in the future. I was hoping to use this book in my History of Brazil course to introduce students to the culture of contemporary Brazil. He is widely considered eohter top rohted on Brazil. It is interesting to learn of the culture of Brazil the importance of Carnival, the beach, soccer and realize that I really have no desire to become interested in these things riee a keen interest in Brazil and the rainforest throughout my earlier life.

Larry Rohter’s attempt to fill the gap is therefore to be welcomed. His discussions of the history of the country puts in context much else of what he says.