ALCAD – 4. 1 or 2 point installations. For single-family installation – 1 point – or two-family installation – 2 points – you may draw up your budget with our kits. At ALCAD, we capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people, by designing, manufacturing. CATALOGO ALCAD 08 ENG IGA :INGLES 10/12/08 Página 1. PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of.

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A terrestrial TV input permits the multiplexing of terrestrial and satellite TV bands.

A SAT amplifier must be used to amplify all the satellite signals. We design, manufacture and market European quality technology products and systems. The AM and AM amplifiers are available in other power voltages.

The two outputs models facilitate star-shaped acad from the head-end through the use of splitters.

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Shiel-ding of 70 dB between 5 and Packing weight 0. Rein- sertion of teletext, support and inversion of dual audio, support of subtitles cstalogo programmable 4: Characteristics 3CF Made from zamak and galvanised steel plate to provide maximum shiel- ding.

MF Applications Used to combine the output channels of the modulators or of satellite receivers in installations with a great number of channels. In this example the audio andvideo signals for the modulators come froman individual satellite receiver and from avideo. Multiplexing and diplexing bridge with high-speed male F-type connector, to combine the signal of the modules or for the distribution of the signal from one antenna to several modules.


The new specifications may not appear in this catalogue.

The different sections and the base are assembled by means of three rods which fit inside the next round tube and are fixed by means of an M8 screw. Can be used to add a module to or to replace a module with IEC connector using modules with F-type connector. The antenna includes a matching transformer designed espe- cially for it with connection aclad means of a screw terminal.

CharacteristicsThe electrical characteristics are identical to those of the equivalent prod-ucts, except for the feed voltages. Installation with 8 SAT polarities and terrestrial TV for 48 apartments 7 8 9 Installation with final multiswitches which distribute the terrestrial and satellite TV for three lines to the outlets.

TC x x mm Multipair cables — 75 pairs Units per packing The output of each converter isdirectly connected to the monochannel ampli-fier. Reinsertion of teletext, support and inversion of dual audio, support of subtitles and programmable 4: The signal obtained can be dis-tributed to a large number of TV outlets by means of a single coaxialcable.

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Power supply sys- tem with 20 wire flat cable for different feed voltage. Aocad dimensions x x 25 mm Support frame for 18 modules SP 1 Units per packing x x 25 mm Support frame for 4 modules Units per packing Packing catallgo SP 1 0. Permits the installation Units per packing Packing weight 1 6. Available in different amplification and pass bands according to the model.


The principal advantage of this equipment 8 is the cataalogo of channels with a compact and eco- nomical module that is compatible with the amplifica- tion equipment. The gain of the isotropic antennas omnidirectionals is indicated in dBi with regards to the gain of an isotropic antenna, this measurement is 2 dB greater than the former. They incorporate switchable DC paths to permit the feeding of a preamplifier. Thebase of the tower and the anchoring 4points for the guy wires should befixed to concreted parts of the roof.

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Used as a single piece of equipment to treat all terrestrial and satellite TVsignals, greatly simplifying the installation. DiSEqC switch for 16 polarities. Characteristics The output channel can be selected by means of switches.

It allows the treatmentof any combination of channels, including adjacentchannels with multichannel treatment or channelprocessing.

The tap outputs are amplified on the IF satellite xatalogo. This installation can be carried out with modulator equipment, digital or analogue satellite receivers, or digital terrestrial TV receivers.

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Technical annex with norms and conditions of measurement of the information in this cata- logue. Thechannel should be specified in the order. Accessories10 See page