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This approach can help minimise disputes and ultimately result in a better performing control system. Check common key for all panels. Can also be used to switch off heating systems such that the internal temperature does not drop significantly below the set internal temperature before the end of occupancy.

The revision reflects the introduction of requirements for commissioning into Part L of the Building Regulations. The panel should not be handed over until it has been wired in and fully functionally tested. Details concerning the control system to be commissioned must be supplied to the commissioning engineer.

CIBSE Commissioning Code C_图文_百度文库

Regular database and configuration backups should be made throughout all stages of the commissioning process. Check the specified interlocking between different control systems, for example any interlocking between a fire detection system and a BMS. It is unfortunately common to find sensors, especially those intended for flow and velocity measurement in air handling systems to be placed in positions too close to flow restrictions and changes in duct orientation.

Operator training part Compliance with the Code does not confer immunity from relevant statutory and legal requirements. Check that the actuator moves smoothly over the full control range. The following rules of thumb may be helpful: A system designed, installed and prepared to specified requirements in such a manner as to enable commissioning to be carried out. Check that the physical arrangement of the panel will allow transport to site and mounting in the final location.


Note that commissioning requirements may vary depending on the design and control of specific items of plant. Details of the necessary documentation are provided in section C3.

Any ambiguity is likely to result in contractual problems that may ultimately impact on the effectiveness of the installed control system. Check that commissiohing cooling valve is fully open, the heating valve closed and the fan operates at high speed when an optimum start cooling operation is signalled from the control system.

CIBSE Commissioning Code W: Water distribution systems (CCW)

Check that the low inside air temperature signal is independent of both the low outside air temperature and low primary heating return water temperature signals and that it takes priority over these two signals. Commissioning of buildings and building services is vitally important to the safe and energy efficient operation commissooning buildings but it is not always carried out – or carried out systematically.

Note that too low a sensitivity will result in seated occupants not being detected, while too high a sensitivity may result in movement outside the controlled zone activating the cokmissioning. The calibration should take place at the lighting controller or operator workstation via configuration software.

Shrouding and labelling of non-isolated equipment. Check that the humidifier is controlled under PI control to obtain the specified set point. Interlocks b d Panel C7. The above procedures should be performed along with the following: Networked DDC systems The measuring, recording, codd and reporting on the performance of a system against specified design criteria.


Select an equal percentage valve characteristic unless there is good reason to select an alternative. For these reasons control systems should be checked when the building is occupied.

CIBSE Commissioning Codes

Check-that the humidifier is disabled and the valve shut. Check that equipment that requires on-line adjustment and testing by non-electrically qualified personnel is accessible and usable without interrupting the supply or overriding the safety interlocks.

The installation and commissioning of a control system is frequently let on a sub-contract basis. Check that the fans operate as specified under fire alarm conditions. Labelling of equipment in panel.

Calculate the time lag T Jt h e time constant T, and the final change in the controlled variable. It is advantageous if the intended system operator s can be present during at least some of the commissioning stage. Low voltage d stand-alone DDC control system comprises one or more controllers which are not connected together by a communications network.

The controllers can exchange information with each other in the form of data transmitted by the communications network. Control loops Commissioning C6. Without these, the performance of the control system and the building services plant will be compromised. An appropriate room to house the operator workstation s if cibee should be provided.