I remember IBM had produced a pdf a few years ago for Cognos 8 Report Studio with examples of MDX functions when building reports using. Summary: This tutorial introduces multidimensional expressions (MDX), a highly . OLAP Services supports MDX functions as a full language implementation. Introduction To MDX Functions For Cognos 8 Report Studio Product(s): Cognos 8 Area of Interest: Report Design. Introduction To MDX Functions For Cognos 8.

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I want the line for the current year to stop after the current month has been reached.

Fhnctions, I love your blog and have learned a great deal from it. Place that on the rows, and use the total or count or average measure within set periodstodate etc.

The expression works in the context of a set on an edge. If a calculated member formula will be invalid then a corresponding error message will be displayed.

Skip to content Hacking Datasets in Hierarchy generally optional, this explicitly sets mxd hierarchy of the calculated member. However RAVE 1 is still going strong. For example, the following expression will return city names concatenated using comma where there is no sales amount recorded: At present I am using only these 2 values in columns and months in rows.

End of Support for Rational Insight 1.1.0

The expression working perfectly fine when I have data for the last 3 days. I did use another DI from the beginning but that didn’t work so I tried to paste it directly into the “Current Month” DI but no difference That would needlessly bloat the size of the cube, and may impact performance.


The ordinal axis shows all months of the current year.

December 29, by CognosPaul 11 Comments. According to help the type of ranking Olympic, dense, etc. This is actually a lot easier to accomplish than the running-total I described.

Hi Saray, Make sure you are putting the hierarchy into the currentMember function. This is one of the functios where you can use an if statement. So far January 1 the expression would appear as: Dynamic Query Mode has a much stricter parser. Register with the Cognoise forum here: Vognos is important to understand the mechanism.

The problem happens when they want to truncate the Long Name of the KPI to show only the first 3 characters. In such cases Cognos will export the data needed by the query to a local dataset, and run an SQL statement on that. I was wondering if there is any way to implement fynctions count on a dimension where the level has been suppressed in the cube.

This will get all months in the Time dimension:. That will multiply the Sales Total by the row number. Check out the report here: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

When using this method to create tuples, it is very important to correctly plan the query.

Calculated members – eazyBI

To start, create a list report as normal. When attempting to use the running aggregate functions on a cube you cannot guarantee consistent results, mds might behave unexpectedly, and the entire processing time is increased as the resultset must be processed locally. My expressions are if [Cube]. If we have the current member then we can navigate to other dimension members functinos from this member.


To reverse it you just need to find the total and subtract the running: You might be able to cheat with some clever use of report functions.

Calculated members

Data source is cube and report type is crosstab. Create a new data item called SelectedA: I learned about these functions by going through the js file associated with tree prompts. Does the running count need to restart for each combination of those 9 fields? Key as well as they can have additional custom properties.

Consider the following request. When working with dimensional data you need to remember to forget everything you know about SQL.

The member function takes the parameters 1. Are both series returning blank or only one? Cognos will only execute the substring function when it draws the results on the crosstab.

For example, a set of months on the crosstab rows. This essentially turns the variable into a member. However, it may take a couple of weeks since we are entering the holiday season.

I missed to set always for one of the functios.