As Shadows Fade is the fifth book in The Gardella Vampire Hunters, a paranormal romance book series about vampires and vampire hunters. They are written. Because of this aspect, As Shadows Fade started off on shaky ground. I liked the fact that Victoria decided she wouldn’t humor Max’s nonsense. As Shadows Fade (Gardella Vampire Chronicles, book 5) by Colleen Gleason – book cover, description, publication history.

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What makes this read different from all other vampire slayer reads is first of all, it takes place in Regency era England, and secondly, t RabidReads. This is book 5, also the final book, in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles.

She had a small taste of joy from her husband, who she had to kill in the first book, The Rest Falls Away, because he became a vampire.

The epilogue was sweet, and I was sad to put the book down really. The Spaceship Next Door. Victoria is as badass as ever. Back then, he was just mysterious.

Maxamillion Pesaro was a Venator, who had to give up his powers due to his complicated and frightening past with Lillith, the Vampire Queen.

Demons are hard to fight and even harder to overcome. We knew that Max had feelings for Victoria since the beginning after he watched Victoria slay her own vampire turned husband. She has had such a colleem hold over Max throughout the series and I knew that things would get exciting when the vampire hunters were finally able to deal with her. Shadods love triangle was really set up in the previous installment in the series but this was where things were really dealt with.


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One can only hope. But Lilith wants Max in return for her cooperation–a collen price for the world, but too high a price for Victoria. Legends of the Nameless Dwarf. In this last installment she finally wants to rid the world of the vampire queen Lilith with a little help of As Shadows Fade is the fifth book and also the conclusion to the Gardella Vampire Chronicles. Especially where one party becomes so wronged that they are a shadow of their former selves.

I would have been happy to just leave the whole love triangle thing out of this series. I felt so cheated with this pairing, as if I were being pandered to.

As Shadows Fade

While Max and Victoria are dealing with their issues, the threat of evil has them once again fighting for their lives and for mankind, but this time not only do they have to fight vampires they have to fight…demons.

The group of vampire hunters were on the road for much of this book so there were not quite so many characters throughout the book as some of the other books. The book is perfectly paced with intimate moments and incredibly exciting action scenes which will have you turning pages as quickly as possible.

I gleson want to give any spoilers but she has a lot to deal with throughout the series; along with a few love interests with a bit of a love triangle later on. This is the read that is not only cr My ratings system is as follows.


My one complaint about this book was the love triangle that took center stage at the start of the book. Sebastian has also changed throughout the series. A big one — frankly, with extremely good reason. I am pretty satisfied with how everything came to an end.

The Helicon Muses Omnibus: The next night Victoria goes to the Portal to close it, which succeeds. But, there were a couple questions that were left a little too ambiguously for xolleen. This is the fifth and final installment in a series that really does have to be read in order since each book builds on the last. Radium Halos – Part 2. In the final scheme of things, this book was pretty good and a fitting ending for the series overall. Shadkws, enemies of both mortals and the undead, have found their way to earth.

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As Shadows Fade (Gardella Vampire Chronicles, book 5) by Colleen Gleason

They tend to fall into one of two camps: The characters in this series are really well done. They all battle into her layer. The loose end that is Lilith, was tied up nicely, as well as a shocking surprise that centers fully on Sebastian and his so called prophecy that Wayren glleason already knew about.