Results 1 – 30 of 49 Estudio y génesis de la Psicomotricidad: Da Fonseca, Vítor .. Desenvolvimento Psicomotor e Aprendizagem: Vitor da Fonseca. Available now at – ISBN: – ANCORA EDITORA – Book Condition: Muy Bueno / Very Good. of 23 results for Books: “Vitor da Fonseca” APTIDÕES PSICOMOTORAS E DE APRENDIZAGEM (Portuguese Edition). by Vítor da Fonseca Desenvolvimento Cognitivo e Processo de Ensino. Terapia Psicomotora. Estudo De.

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The lung function along the life behaves in specific ways; however, it is interesting to observe that from 6 to 14 years old the referred function has progressive increase due to the influence of the stature and muscular earnings2.

The mechanical ventilation influence in the neuropsychomotor learning in scholars from 8 to 10 years old. Are evaluated areas, as: However, it was observed that the means of those that breathes inside of the spirometric patterns of Knudson breathe well are higher than those don’t breathe inside of the spirometric patterns of Knudson breathe bad.

Participation in extracurricular activities, in secondary school: Therefore, it is of concluding that children in atmospheres that provide rich experiences, present larger opportunities for us to understand their experiences, that are some of the most promising learning sources. Dividiu-se os escolares em dois grupos: In that study, so much the children that breathe well as the ones that breathe bad presented means between the groups without statistical differences, although, if we observe in the graph, although low, the ones that breathe well presented better means than the ones that breathe bad.

However, during the tests the children that breathes well obtained little better scores than the children that breathe bad, with exception in the right and left recognition. Bateria psicomotora de Fonseca: Concludes that the mechanics ventilation of children with age between 8 and 10 years does not influence the neuropsychomotor learning.

Micro Medical Micro Spirometers, that uses as protocol the Knudson’s spirometric patterns. The “t” Student test is used for samples in pair. Rosa Neto, evokes that the development can be considered a process which the people, starting from the available structures in every moment, appropriate of the culture of the social group inside of which are submerged.

Was observed in the statistical results, that the data corroborate the studies of Pain et al, which say that even not occurring statistical relevance, falls to the teachers of any modality to be worried with the development, not only of physical and technical aspects, but also with their students’ cognitive, social and passion aspects. What is known, what need to be known? Usually the evaluation techniques have been in its largest part developed for children with moderate or arpendizagem neurological compromising.


The students were randomly raffled in public schools of the Rio de Janeiro state. The tests that are part of a psychomotor battery are useful to detect, with a very small error margin, the growth pattern and of human motor behavior.

It is said that to mouth breathe is not a disease, but needs to be treated, because the child can present difficulties in the development. Those breathing disturbances can be classified in restrictive, obstructive, mixed or non-specific.

Fitness & Performance Journal

The Psychomotor Battery is composed by tests for evaluation of the desehvolvimento, balance, lateralization, body notion, space-time structuring, global and noble praxia. They are many times called clumsy. This does with that the learning process is unique and “could not be repeated” in each case An ecological analysis of after-school program participation and the development of academic performance and motivational attributes for disadvantaged children.

Due to this picture, the health desenvolvimentp education professionals, that come across a lot of times with these individuals labeled by the society as awkward, they should be attentive in acting tonseca a global way so that it is possible to do the right orientation4.

To verify the influence of the mechanical ventilation on the neuropsychomotor learning the scholar children of 8 until 10 years. Conducting a study of parents’ views and analysis, aiming pdicomotor results found in the issues presented, and through a questionnaire answered by parents and also by studies of several experts, we concluded that extracurricular activities have a significant impact on the development of children and adolescents.

Fonseca, Vítor da [WorldCat Identities]

The buccal breathing takes to the bad cerebral oxygenation and, consequently, low school performance. Dentre as respostas dos pais destacam se quatro respostas que se encaixa muito bem no tema do artigo. The mean of the ages in both groups is from 8 to 10 years.

That neuropsychomotor function, related in full detail to the motor acting, can have a deficient picture due to deficiencies in the breathing control, because it will directly act in the physiology.

For Fonseca, “the body and the brain are inextricably integrated by neural and biochemical circuits reciprocally driven to each other. Organized activity participation, positive youth development, and the over-schedullin hypothesis. If that child possesses a decrease in the normal lung function, it is probable that the child has chances of committing the potential for learning and the necessary readiness profile for acquisition of new learnings.


Even not occurring statistical relevance, the children that present total lung capacity inside of the parameters spirometric of Knudson showed better means than the ones that come below the spirometric patterns of Knudson.

The different phases of the motor development have great importance, because collaborate for the progressive organization of the other areas, as the intelligence, what shows that the importance of an appropriate motor development is in the intimate relationship of this condition with the cognitive development and the cognition is understood as an interaction with the environment, referring to people and objects The present article is to analyze an issue of concern in the school and family, coming to the School Performance of Children and Youth.

En la tonicidad las medias fueron: No hubo diferencia en ninguna va No hubo diferencia en ninguna variable entre los dos grupos. It is possible an individual to achieve the adult age desenvolvimengo a smaller lung function, due to factors that influenced along his childhood as the passive or active tobacco smoker, or even to be bearer of hyper-responsive bronchitis.

Meaning of “ambidestria” in the Portuguese dictionary

It was waited that the child that doesn’t breathe inside of the appropriate patterns for the age presented the weak tonus hypotonia or exaggerating tension hypertoniadeficiency in the balance, in the lateralization, in the body notion, dessenvolvimento the time space structuring, mainly in the global motive coordination and in the noble motive coordination.

Frequently, we also observed motive agitation and behavior alteration.

The vltor criteria for participation of the research were to present apparent psychiatric and or motors disturbances. The objective of the battery of tests is to evaluate the integrative sensorial functions as well as motive and perceptive functions and space abilities. Faz-se importante enfatizar que os estudos sobre atividades extracurriculares apresentados mostram dados de contextos diferenciados.

The corporal organization and the emotional and motivational components can in many cases to translate in blockades to the normal process of neuropsychomotor development3.