. SYMCLI SRM( Mapping) Commands symhostfs- Display information about a. EMC – SYMCLI By P.S Rathore If I get a dollar for each time I searched for a symcli command to achieve something, I would have been a one. You can have up to 5 SRPs, but EMC recommends that you just have one, unless you need to physically . Older VMAX and Symmetrix SYMCLI commands.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The ‘-detail’ option also displays the configurable options likeMax. For deeper dive and more on the internals please see the Technote on EMC. Email required Address never made public. Move all the devices from composite group TestCg to another coposite group called DevCg and assign new name from each ldev.

Add all the physical devices visible to the host not member of another composite group from array to composite group TestCg. Interval default is 5 minutes. Built in search facility commsnds find the commands easily. Add an aditional port 6e: Lists all unmapped meta devices.

And also shows the thinpools associated to each device with the binding status. Using for various control operations on Device Group,Composite Groups and devices in these groups or the device in the pair file.

This command only needs to be run once otherwise all SAN configuration is lost, also make sure the database is backed up regularly. If want to keep unlimited ratiogive value as emv. Checks whether hotspare invoked in the array. To find out more about your snaps you can run the following cmd: AAB to pool Comamnds commit. List all groups named MyGroup and also shows the related Masking Views. Listing SLO associations by Storage Group The previous command gives us a good idea at a high level, but if we want to see from a storage group level which storage groups are associated with each SLO ckmmands have a command for that too: List the last or latest 10 records symclo the Symaudit log file.


1. EMC VMAX – Storage Group Information

Notify me of new comments via email. Set the Optimized Read Miss mode on for the specified devices. SLO compliance is reported at every level when looking at storage group components in Unisphere. Resume the suspend the replication from R1 to R2 devices.

automation of emc (symcli commands)

You are commenting using your Twitter account. OldSG is a part of masking view. Create a composite group called TestCg on which any types of devices can be included. This existing Solutions Enabler server has connectivity to the Symmetrix storage array through access to Gatekeeper volumes.

Reclaim the allocated but unused space as well as the pool space completely written with zeros. We can’t commandw SG if it is part of a Masking View.

Symcli Commands | SAN –

Set the record in the database to hold information on the host type that may differ than the current setting on the corresponding FA symmask set heterogeneous. List all the clone copy sessions with No background copy activity in array List the devices from ABC: To commandw a snapshot simply grab the storagegroup name which contains all the devices for your application and execute the establish command, the example below will create a snapshot hourly snapshot and commanes automatically terminate the same snapshot 24 hours after it was created: Lists all the events happened such as informational, warnings,errors and fatal on array Copy all the devices commanss composite group TestCg to another coposite group called DevCg and assign new name from each ldev.


Move all the devices from composite group TestCg to another coposite group called DevCg. Filter Type Can be either excluded or included for acquisition by selecting the filter type as “exclude” or “include.

EMC Solutions Enabler (CLI) with CLI Performance

List the device groups which include the devices from array This command also shows the time frame from when the audit log started symcoi at which time the last entry added.

Disclaimer, this is not a comprehensive how to, just a toe in the ocean of VMAX3, there is always more and there is always why.

List the masking details of the dev ABC. Displays the datadevices in array along with the pool information of each device is associated with.

Note I can just create GB devices, no meta is created. First the Solution enabler software has to be installed which can be obtained from powerlink.

This commands will provide the list of DATA devices created in array