Enovia collaboration Platform is a Product Lifecycle management tool Distribution (Approximate) Matrix Query Language (MQL) What is it. mql-triggers-image2v2-small The underpinnings of ENOVIA V6 and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (3DXP) can be quite complex at first glance. You can execute mql command in JSP and JPO. Here is one example. The following function is used to check if a Part is an assembly or not by.

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It is created automatically when Matrix is installed on your system.

Enovia PLM Forum

Property names containing spaces must always be quoted with single quotes. I heard lots of a complaints about this. When Mingle metadata, e.

For example, table query: When the commit transaction statement is processed, MQL examines all the statements that it processed since the start transaction. Tcl and Tk are widely available and documented.

There are two type of objects: This Demo explains how to implement Facebook likes and shares concepts for your website. Posted by Prince Bhardwaj at 1: Number Estimate Status 1 2 Open 2 8 Open On July 13,card 3 was added and there were some changes made to the existing cards: Relationship property values There are two types of relationship properties – Card Relationship Property and Tree Relationship Property. Find all possible revisable specifications at the the same time.

Unfortunately, that person is not the resposnbile design engineer and should create ECO and take ownership. Example of MQL Query: Posted by Jing at 6: Unmanaged Properties Free text properties can be used in a manner similar to managed properties except there is no obvious concept of ordering in a text property. See the specific limitation warnings below. Two types of vaults: Tagged with to select cards with tags.

So in MQL syntax put parenthesis around the entire given project variable name. To compare the value of a relationship property with multiple values, you can use the nested IN operator with number:.


You will receive an error message on the saved view and will be able to change it manually. In addition, you should not use it when users are online. In particular, with the introduction of the daily history chartwe wanted to provide a way to verify and analyze the chart data, which querying historical card data allows.

Here is one example. The values that are returned are the values as of July 12, Posted by Prince Bhardwaj at 8: The example below runs against a Mingle project with the following card data: Just like SQL, MQL consists of a set of statements that help the administrator set up and test a Matrix database quickly and efficiently.

This would create a table of cards that has a value for the “revision reported” property that is greater than the “revision completed” on the card where this query is used. Notice in the example data above that the Status for card 2 was changed from “Open” to “Closed” on July 13, Keep in mind, product engineer are not computer guru and they focus on how to make a good product instead of focus on how jql use the PDM system!

The change request and change implementation becomes a seamless process! This feature has not been fully integrated into Mingle, but we believe it provides enough value, even in an introductory state, to be included as part of the product. Note that the parenthesis should be used around the project variable name. This allows you to query for a set of cards based on enogia for a related card.

Posted by Prince Bhardwaj at 2: The newly introduced date properties will behave the same way.

Transaction involves accessing the database or producing a change in the database. The only place that we have specifically envia the “AS OF” functionality to work is in the table query macro.


MQL Statement consists of a keyword, clauses and values. Posted by Jing at 4: Working in script mode has many advantages, particularly when you are first building a database.

User Assistance

If you do not know which category you want or you want to get a listing of the entire contents of the help file, enter: It is something like SQL. If you want to sort the records in a descending order, you can use the DESC keyword. All PLM systems in the market today missed this fundamental thought and they throw the ball to the product engineer – “It is your resposiblity to do a where-used report and figure out by youself”.

MQL can be used to find cards without certain tags. For the new part and new spec release, we require engineer to create ECR first.

Enovia PLM: MQL Commands

There is a known limitation with advanced MQL filters on card views. On the other hand, default sort order is numeric if the property contains purely numeric values and you are doing a numeric comparison. The following function is used to check if a Part enoovia an assembly or not by check the existence of Bill of Material.

Numeric and date property values, if they are of the same property type, can be compared with one another. Multiple tags can be specified to further restrict the query. However, the card did not exist at the end of July 12,so it is not included in the results.

In this example, the user created the project variable with the name as, ‘Current Iteration’, using single quotes.