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But he ends by confessing his true feelings: His preference for a tranquil, easy life prevented him from being an agitator; but, like Oscar Wilde, Valdelomar would have come to love socialism. The bacilli of this fever, without which it would have been impossible to raise the temperature of our literature, reached their highest degree of virulence in Rnrique, who was still provincial in Panoplia lirica.

In his poetry, Vallejo is always avid for the infinite, thirsty for truth. Vallejo gives his entire soul to the sufferings of the poor:. Peru is different from other countries of Amaidca where dualism is absent or does not constitute a problem.

What kept this nostalgia for the colony alive so long in our literature? When the Radical movement is studied, it is said that Gonzalez Prada did not have the temperament of a leader, a cau-dillo.

I judge him on a relative basis in the context of cuuentos time, when Peruvian literature was just beginning. If Gonzalez Prada had not been born in a country that urgently needed to be reorganized and revitalized both politically and socially, in which a strictly artistic work could not bear fruit, he would never have been tempted to form a party.

López Albujar, Enrique ()

Gonzalez Prada, although influenced by all the great myths of his time, is not uniformly positivist. Furthermore, our history cannot have begun with the Conquest and no matter how nebulous the psychic legacy we have received from the Indian, we have something of that conquered race whose living ruins wander disowned and neglected in our sierras, constituting a serious social problem that painfully throbs in our life. He launched a delirious and bizarre offensive against the military government of the period, but it never became more than a literary gesture.


He had no experience with social reality and he despised the masses. Because of the absolute hegemony of Lima, our literature has not been able to nourish itself on indigenous soil. No matter how remote the civilizations, the material itself has not disappeared; no matter how deep the Spanish influence, even those of us of purest Spanish descent feel bonds with that race whose golden tradition deserves recollection and whose majestic and mysterious ruins overawe us.

Los jefes Barcelona, In a country dominated by the descendants of encomenderos and magistrates of the viceroyalty, nothing could have been more natural than serenades under balconies. This is typical of the poetry of Los heraldos negros.

Seven Interpretative Essays on Peruvian Reality

Garcilaso de la Vega is unique among the latter. Martin for the school children of Huaura. There albukar are, with bison hides, the horses of Wolf-of-the-Mountain, and that jaundiced Gaul, Rodolfo Montante, with a frown of triumph. I declare without hesitation that I bring curntos literary exegesis all my political passions and ideas, although in view of the way this word has been misused, I should add that my politics are philosophy and religion.

Laureen Marie Lopez has written: Loretta Gallo-Lopez has written: It expended its energy in iconoclastic shouting and spasms of snobbery.

Melgar is very Indian in his primitive, peasant imagination. Art is nourished on the sap of tradition, history, and people. What might she be doing now, my sweet Andean Rita of rush and fruit; now that Bizancio suffocates me and my blood dozes like flaccid cognac within me. Even today, Argentine literature, which is open to the most modern and cosmopolitan influences, reaffirms its gaucho heritage. In independent Peru, writers like Listas and Hermosillas and their disciples almost invariably disdained the common people.


All lips pass by. What has the author Tony Lopez written? For this generation, the past was neither very remote nor very near, but coincided precisely with the era of the viceroyalty, on which it lavished all its affection and tenderness.

The ideology of Pdginas libres and Horas de lucha is now largely out of date. In addition, the tepid, bland climate of the lowland where these diverse ethnic elements were blended could not be expected to produce a strong personality.

Chocano, nevertheless, has tacitly abandoned pantheism to adopt the principle of hierarchy, which has taken him back to the Roman Catholic Church. His expression is very clean, andinoss, precise, and bare. His drama was Pirandellian: The lottery vendor passes by, who, perhaps nominal like God, treasures up, among tantalizing loaves of bread, human impotence of love. He traced the roots of our nationality back to an idealized and glorified colony. Colonial literature, despite an occasional pale evocation of the empire, lacked any aptitude or imagination for reconstructing the Inca past.

Now I will have no one to wait for me, to keep my place, in good times and bad. This art announces the birth of a new sensitivity.