Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Emma Holly reads and re-reads a wide variety of authors, including Nick Hornby, Sharon Shinn, and Christine Feehan. Emma Holly’s *Fairyville *, reviewed & recommended women’s fiction. Sexy, contemporary fun from the USA Today bestselling author of All U Can Eat. Meet Zoe Clare, a medium who has no trouble communicating with the dead.

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Luckily the inhabitants of Fairyville, Arizona are used to the out of the ordinary and so they don’t find her fajryville particularly strange. How Alex fairyviloe herheart is a scandal no one in Fairyville has forgotten. I’d suggest checking out her Upyr series or if you’re really interested in some good Fae world building check out Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series.

A definite beneficiary of that power, Fairyville lay north of its more famous sister, Sedona, but shared the same awe-inspiring landscape of buttes and spires—and the same reputation for mystical oddities. View all 5 comments. Serious fairies, apparently, had little hope of rising through the ranks.

Magnus was standing in the door behind her, the one that led to her office. Alexander Goodbody, however, hasn’t arrived alone.

Excerpt: Fairyville

I normally like Emma Holly’s brand of sensuality but this time it just didn’t make sense. The story goes like this Zoe has no trouble communicating with the dead—or with real live fairies, for that matter! This was, after all, a mainstream sort of holoy.


This book had an element of fantasy in it no, not in the sexual way with fairies and the mystical. Like many mediums, Zoe saw the other world better without her physical sight. I always seem to try to guess what happens next in a book because it can be predictable No wonder women dropped like ripe cherries around this man.

Her parents, normals down to their toes, had tolerated her claims of fairyvile visited by dead relatives. Further, the erotica elements are well-explained, well-written, and never seem gratuitous or for mere titillation.

Fairyville – Emma Holly – Google Books

His hand jammed over hers, completely covering it. The darting rose-pink sparkle paid her no mind. Left to itself, her hair had a tendency to devolve into a long black snarl. Boy, it had been too long since anyone had touched her.

I loved the changelings and the mystery surrounding them.

And why does it have to be a new woman every time? You deserve that, you know. This is definitely one of the loves – if you could imagine Jennifer Crusie writing an erotic, hollu is it. Don’t think I have come across another title yet that involved 6ft5 hunky fairy men.


Be warned, it’s hot, steamy, sensual, erotic and romantic!

Without Viagra, I mean. She’s secretly in love with her friend and manager, Magnus, but he is with a different woman every month, and never Zoe. Cold cereal aside, if a person had to go to work, Fairyville, Arizona was the place to do it, especially on a cool, bright morning in July.

There was a threesome with the heroine and two men who were both NOT the hero. He had figured it out.


May 11, Annika rated it it was ok Shelves: She did, however, have too much self-respect to admit it. Now if it ha I really liked the alternate world created in this story with the fey both large and small and the psychic abilities. Every time Zoe watched her do it, she had to bite her tongue against telling faiyrville to keep her money.

They say Emma Holly is the queen of erotic romance. How very disappointing, I didn’t really enjoy this book.