FM 2-33.4 PDF

FM is the Army’s keystone manual for military intelligence (MI) See TC 2- for applying critical thinking to intelligence analysis.). This publication supersedes FM , 15 March i. FOR OFFICIAL Training Circular. No. Headquarters. Department of the Army. It suggests immediately revising FM. and adopting an Army tailored model of intelligence analyst core competencies. Several proposals are made to both.

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Meteorological and Oceanic Operations.

Listen to, and acknowledge the feelings, concerns, opinions, and ideas of others. However, the threat of terrorist attacks is possible, as are attacks from the general population. Pattern of life factors can and should be developed from as many sources as possible.

Define problems with people or processes in a non-threatening fj. It differs from conventional operations in two aspects. Examples include multinational training exercises, security assistance, joint combined exchange training, recovery operations, arms control, and -233.4 operations. Army Geospatial Intelligence Handbook.

Related Material From the Archive: This publication provides guidelines for the conduct of intelligence analysis to commanders and staffs of Army units and is recommended for incorporation into institutional programs of instruction and unit training.

Ask the following questions at a minimum: By combining irregular, traditional, catastrophic, and disruptive capabilities, adversaries will seek to create advantageous conditions by changing the nature fn the conflict from one where U. Analysis is the examination of information in detail in order to understand it better and evaluate data in order to develop knowledge or conclusions.


This analysis aids operational planning directly. Irregular warfare avoids direct military confrontation.

(U//FOUO) U.S. Army Intelligence Analysis Training Manual

What collection may fill those gaps? The following actions can help build and maintain collaborative relationships: References References-2 ATP Computer Security Readiness Team.

Creating rank barriers is fn conducive to collaboration. Collaboration is communication, cooperation, and coordination. Army Intelligence and Security Command, E-2 National Open-Source Committee, A Open Source Academy, E P public broadcasts,public documents,public speaking forums,Chatham House Rule, R requirement commander’s criticial information,friendly force information,priority mf,intelligence, priority intelligence, research, field research, open-source, plan, practical, question, S security domains, Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System, Nonsecure Internet Protocol Router Network, SECRET Internet Protocol Router Network, sources analysis of the media, authoritative, Construct a pattern of life network diagram, visually linking events, people, objects, and places in time and space to the target.

See FM for a detailed description of the operational environment. Doctrine for Planning Joint Operations. This will require routine contact with local operational management teams, human intelligence collection teams, and the supporting SIGINT section.

Additionally, they will be called on to conduct full spectrum operations as mf of an interdependent joint force conducting simultaneous offensive, defensive, and stability operations. Department of the Army Personnel Security Program. Intelligence personnel must accept and embrace ambiguity in conducting analysis.

Knowledge helps ascribe meaning and value to the conditions or events within an operation.

Always out front.

It is a process where two or more individuals or groups work together on a common problem or task to achieve a common goal by sharing knowledge and building consensus. The operational environment is a composite of the conditions, circumstances, and influences that affect the employment of capabilities and bear on the decision of the commander JP See FM for a detailed discussion 2-3.4 the intelligence warfighting function.


Attacks by insurgent and terrorist groups are likely, and U. Combining good analytical techniques with area knowledge -233.4 experience is the best combination to provide accurate, meaningful assessments to commanders and leaders.

FM (TC July ) : Intelligence Analysis: (OBSOLETE) – Google Books

Select pattern analysis tools to be used and focus on the target as you construct it. Make procedural suggestions to encourage progress toward goals. Types of operations U. What events outside this timeline could have influenced the activities? Conversely, if events seem to happen more rapidly than expected, is it possible that the analyst has information related to multiple targets?

Help peers or team members explain their ideas. 2-333.4 and Redeployment Operations. Higher echelon collection assets are also used to corroborate the patterns of life. However, if f, forces and host-nation HN forces cannot defeat unconventional and irregular threats, conventional Army forces can assume the lead role.