Jet rved. wn by: Levi Jordan 04; 3. Cut a “V” groove in foam for spars. Pull spar through groove to make round CG INFO Start. FF (Foam Fighter ) – Information and Plans. Picture, Sponsor Free Tiled PDF Plan, Free Non-Tiled PDF Plan. Link to Tiled Super Mega Jet Combo. Foamy Plans FA Tiled Without Borders · FA Tiled with Borders. F F Parts · F Parts Tiled FC Mini-Park Jet Tiled. Katana. Katana S Tiled.

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For expediency, simplicity, and speed I like the pin method best. Now cut, build, and fly the awesomeness that is your foamboard creation. Carefully remove the existing paper from one side of the foamboard.

There are a few companies that import the stuff and sell it. This jet requires the Detrum 70mm edf Ultimate power combo kit from graysonhobby.

Updated-Paper Skin for Foam Board

Log In to reply. I made the mistake of not checking this after getting my first full size plans printed. Kurt on March 10, Depending on the printer you may also need to open the printer “Properties” to check for print quality and sizing, as sometimes printer settings will override the file settings shown in the print yiled box.


It is great for strengthening EPP foamies and wings sticks better than tied.

When doing this, make sure your printer can handle the size of paper in the pdf file. Then just start playing with Fills, lines, fowmy. I have one question: Hi there, a quick hello from Scotland!

Beautiful looking planes and a great idea. I think I’m going to give this a go.

Parkjet Plans — Parkjets

I know they add weight but in my case it needs to be done. So, I ordered some film and started to develop some “graphics”. Jun 10, Like the FT mustang or the FT spitfire? Bellows on October 19, What do you use for adhesive Last edited by T3chDad; Feb 26, at We figured jeta out but the plane has no paper on the inside. RC Powers foam jets are very easy to build and can be ideal for the beginner or the 3D flyer!

RecommendedElectronics Detrum combo kit for 3D planes kv Brushless motor, 25amp esc, 4 Nine gram servos from Hobbypartz.

I will be trying to clean this thread up over the next few days. He linked the following RCGroup page regarding printing profile skins:.


Yes they are updated plans. Desert Wings on October 19, The file has been updated to included the reverse side of the vertical stab. This can be done a couple different ways: I’m glad you noticed. I think the red bull skin is awesome great job Log In to reply. There are 4 models available and each one has a specific purpose including a trainer, foaym type as well as a 3D high alpha type for the more experienced flyer.

Looking for your store account? What you need for the ideal print would be an A1 Size UV Flatbed Printer as it could print directly onto the foamboard and the ink would make it waterproof. Reduced Weight – less tape and paint means less weight and every gram counts No tiled plans to put together; some people like puzzles Plans are available to download in PDF format. Oct 04, Desert Wings on May 22, This is where the creativity comes in.