horror photography | Photos Of Horror Movie Creepers In Their Golden Years | Geekologie. Geekology , in the words of Mr. Tablante, “continues the pursuit of the geek dream of bringing out our favorite comic book and anime. This iPhone app makes visiting up to 3X faster on 3G internet, while Version is literally built from scratch to give you the best Geekologie.

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I don’t even know what that means but I just taped a knife to a mop handle to fend off whatever hellspawn comes out of this. Well it’s not, it’s more like ten. The academy said in a statement hours fall that the meteor entered the 20.

atmosphere at a speed of at least 54, kph 33, mph and shattered about kilometres miles above ground. I have personally never been so motivated to mow my lawn that having an ankle injury impede me from mowing it caused me distress.

But seriously, don’t touch the controls or I’ll kill you.

Thanks again to hairless, geekologje promised to push me in a wheelchair when I can’t walk, which is now. Beer-thirsty combatants can do battle with a selection of five characters, all named after Big Boss brews. And anyone else is more than welcome to join me provided they acknowledge me as their king.


Thanks to myself, for being such a shining-star example of a human being and really pushing humanity to new heights. I’m gonna get one of you with lunch.

Ridiculous Haute Couture Smartphone Ankle Holders – Geekologie

Hit the jump for a video of the dress in action. But most of all, crutches fall short because you can’t use your hands or your arms. All you really need is a desktop computer as well as a broadband connection, absolutely no technical knowledge are needed. If anybody needs me I’ll be drowning myself in low-fat froyo. What kind of sicko pretends to be a cat just so I’ll pet them?

These are the ridiculous smartphone ankle holders spotted at a recent Maison Margiela fashion show with a theme that was supposed to explore futurism and technology you did not nail it.

Also means “High Sewing” in French What is most remarkable about what they are doing is that instead of trying to reengineer the global economy – as is required, for example, for the use of hydrogen fuel – they are trying to make geekollogie product that is interchangeable with oil. I won’t even use your bathroom, I’m used to going outside.

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Geekologie – Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome

This is the conceptual Dildomaker from designer Francesco Morackini. I wish I could experience that feeling all the time.


I mean, look at me. Rock-paper-scissors for a forty? I was wondering if it came with optional attachments. It’s a Tamagotchi keychain, but on your phone.

Let me crash at your place for awhile?

I can’t believe not a single one of them was dressed like a pirate. They seem to work quite well. Hit the jump for a video of the table doing its thing. I’m not sure what I would have done if I was in egekologie area at the time besides ask myself what the hell I’m doing in Russia when I swear I fell asleep in my bed in California.

This is the iWalk 2. It just takes is a couple of 16oz Coke bottles, an atomic bomb, and what is either a really fancy coffee feekologie or a hot-air popcorn popper.


Good lord — nobody deserves to go like that. But maybe you did have one. We Space Adventure Together: Thanks to my peenor but not my actually peenor, that’s just the name the tipster used to make me look like some sort of crazy person who talks to his dong about zombies.