An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in safety-critical applications, intellectual property matters . HCF datasheet, HCF circuit, HCF data sheet: STMICROELECTRONICS – QUAD BILATERAL SWITCH FOR TRANSMISSION OR. HCF Datasheet, HCF PDF, HCF Data sheet, HCF manual, HCF pdf, HCF, datenblatt, Electronics HCF, alldatasheet, free.

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The Parker Guitars Forum. Please login or register. I have a problem with my Midifly series. If I use the mono jack all signal is Normal. Anyone, help me please, thanks May 26, Paul Marossy Hero Member Posts: Try a different one in its place and see what datashedt.


It may have been damaged by static electricity. CMOS devices are especially sensitive to static electricity. Been there, done that. May 27, A CD is a CD It doesn’t matter who made it, hcf4606 if there is a different “code” on it. As long as it is a CD, it should work.

CMOS devices can be damaged by static electricity simply by touching them out of circuit with your bare hands, and it gets worse from there. And you can’t ncf4066 if it has been damaged by static, either.

HCCB – Rad-hard quad bilateral switch – STMicroelectronics

The other possibility is that the PCB had been damaged with the replacement of that part or there is a cold solder joint. It’s very easy to damage some PCBs and I’ve had cold solder joints that look like they should be great. I don’t know if a replacement board is available, you’d have to talk to Parker customer service about that.


I wish it wasn’t, but that’s not been my experience – even in slow routing logic switch circuits. If the switching signal is marginal, or not filtered well, then you can have problems with some manufacturer’s CD parts and some models of those parts in some cases. I think they are actually pretty rugged these days, but it seems like the process that they are using for ICs like this are getting more intolerant of signal quality on the control pins.

That was not the case a decade ago, but they had other problems back then. Maybe a picture will help. Like Paul said – if you use a socket you will eliminate a lot of the problems that could happen replacing an IC like this. They are not as rugged as something like an opamp. That would be the first type of IC chip that I have ever run across that was quirky like that.

If so, I wonder if that might be a factor. I hadn’t thought of that Thanks all, I will upload the picture soon. Originally posted by Paul Marossy Really? For me it was only a pain in battery powered circuits since voltage varies a little and current is a concern – I had to put some actual thought vatasheet what I was doing.

How to Build a 4066 Quad Bilateral Switch Circuit

I think the TI parts always worked, but that was after trying others that seemed to work OK in other circuits when I checked a few. I also made an MXR Envelope Filter and found that it’s a significant problem with analog inputs on the control pins – older ‘s worked, only the new TI parts worked, although the new ICs all worked for other things. That’s not to say that the TI ICs will work here or that other issues might not exist, but if one brand if does not work and you have eliminated everything else – it’s not crazy to try another brand.


I wonder what might have happened right before this problem started – things like the wrong polarity on a battery can mess up a lot of things. I suppose the circuit it is going in matters, too.

I guess they can be finicky things, eh? This is image of IC this is the pictures of both Ic May 28, Originally posted by corns cdbcm is the original of dimarzio,s pre amp for midyfly above and hcf Is the subtitute for cdbcm but “it doesnt work” is that matter? According to the datasheets, they are supposed to be the same thing. Same pinouts, same description of what it does, etc.

In theory, it should be dafasheet fine. My vote is for a bad solder joint, a solder bridge, or the PCB being damaged from the process of removing the old chip. May 29, Thanks for ur info Paul, have any idea, advice for my problem guys?

ratasheet I would either have third party look at it to determine if the repair work is at fault or not, or see if you can get a new circuitboard. Concrete by Design Personal.