Hey guys anybody have the latest Hirobo Sceadu Evo 50?. Kit Name: Hirobo Sceadu Evolution 50 (EVO) Price: $ If this is your first kit however, the manual might be a bit intimidating. This is not a knock on Hirobo. 50 ARF model (only) has Evolution spec OS50SX-H engine. This engine is suitable for both F3C and 3D and setting up the engine is very easy.

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To put the decals on I used a small bowl and put 5 or 6 drops of dishwashing liquid in and filled it with warm water. Locktite the clutch bolts and recheck. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I drilled the holes for the screws through the windshield and canopy before I removed the tape or cut out the windshield area in the canopy as it was stiffer that way. I like these tail pushrod guides!

Its smooth flying characteristics even in scadu 3D environemnent are ideal for the discerning F3C pilot. See the Hirobo EVO 50 in action! Once you are done, put the start shaft coupler on to the start shaft and install the set screw so it seats on to the flat spot and is securely locktited in place. New larger Bearing are used to support the collective lever system for complete “slop” free smooth control for any flight envelope.

Hi everyone I need manual for Hirobo Sceadu evo 50 – HeliFreak

Install the assembly; make sure to get both screws started before you tighten one. Put the mast collar on the main shaft and while pulling up on the main shaft push down on the mast collar and tighten one set screw hand tight, locktite and tighten the other set screw, remove the first one, locktite it and insert and tighten it. Cut out the decals and dip your finger in the water scesdu spread it over the canopy where the decal will go, remove the decal from its backing and dip it completely in the soapy water and place it on the canopy.


The first step is to setup the transmitter. The cabin mounting system is improved with new rubber o rings and new molded mounting posts. If you are familiar with my reviews you have seen me use a caliper and the Vario pushrod nubs to make perfect pushrods. I also go over any sharp points with an artist brush dipped in clear nail polish. Slide a radial bearing over the spindle followed by a.

There is a few factors at work here but 5 avoid an advanced rotor head theory discussion, if you find your EVO is pitchy in forward flight with the mixing arms set on the inner holes you can move the zceadu to the outer holes and still retain full aerobatic capability.

Precision paddle alignment with Mavrikk hirobi gauges.

This will get any mold release and fingerprint oil or grease off the canopy as well as your hands. Mine stuck in the front of the tank twice during testing despite being assembled according to the instructions.

Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu Evolution Instruction Manual Page 68

Tail Boom Mounted Servo for tail control is standard equipment – Also available a 5mm control rod to replace the 2 mm existing rod. The battery and receiver mounted nicely on scradu front of the tray, so I installed the regulator in the lower battery compartment as far back as I could to get some separation between the regulator sceaxu receiver.

If everything looks good, install a nut on the other bearing block screw and put a dab of locktite on the bolt clean them all with alcohol and tighten it, remove the other nut, locktite the threads and tighten it down.

The DTDS gear system drive the tail rotor system at all times allowing aerobatic capability in autorotation manuevers. Made of durable mznual resistant polypropylene. This is the first area in the manual that both the 30 and 50 size versions are referenced due to the fact they use different gearing, the EVO 50 uses 8.


You also want to make sure that on the elevator servo wheel there is one ball mounted towards the frame. This is where all the sub assemblies we built come together. Hirobo Distributed in the US by: Put the inserts into the paddles and screw the paddle onto the flybar so that the flybar is completely through the hole looking down. Once I started breathing again, post flight inspection revealed the clunk stuck at the front of the main tank.

Nothing special going on here, mount the gear and install it per the instructions; a dab of medium ca will keep the skid caps in place for a while. I set the bearings for the elevator rocker in the arms first, then the 16mm bearings in the frames after greasing both sets. A note on tools before we get started: If they are lined up you have the right holes. Use three self-tapping screws and install the servo frame to the right frame.

This head is designed for mild mannered smooth precision flying and the harshest of 3D oriented manuevers. The only online one that I am aware of has been taken off line, so hopefully this will become the place to go for assembling the Hirobo EVO Both worked perfectly so I restarted it and let it sit at a high idle for a minute or so then slowly advanced the throttle.

With initial setup out of the way I put everything on charge and started on the canopy and decals.