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A small portion of iecc proceeds from the Signal Trust will be used to fund, through the Signal Foundation for Wireless Innovation, scholarly analysis of intellectual property rights and the technological, commercial and creative innovations they facilitate. The market for such talent in our iidcc is extremely competitive. If we fail to deliver as required under our service contracts, we could lose revenues and become subject to liability for breach of contract.

On the same day, the court granted the stipulation of dismissal and dismissed the action with prejudice. Due to competing solutions, our solutions may not find a viable commercial marketplace or be adopted by the relevant standards. On January 2,InterDigital and Huawei filed a joint motion to terminate the TA investigation as to the Huawei Respondents on the basis of this confidential settlement agreement between the parties.

The complaint seeks a permanent injunction and damages in an amount to be determined. The Federal Circuit granted both of these motions on November 7, Idcc idcc idcc idcc convention participation. InterDigital derives revenues primarily from patent licensing and sales, with contributions from technology solutions licensing and sales and engineering services.

By doing so, InterDigital expressly reserved all arguments regarding the infringement, validity. Duringwe completed the formation of a joint venture with Sony. Specifically, the Commission ordered the ALJ to: Thus, this Delaware action is stayed with respect to the patents in this case until the USITC’s determination on these patents becomes final, including any appeals.

Any mismanagement of, or negative development in, a number of areas, including, among others, the perceived value of our intellectual property portfolio, our ability to convince customers of the value of our engineering services and our reputation for performance under our service contracts, could cause our revenues from engineering services to decline, damage our reputation and harm our ability to attract future licensees, which would in turn harm our operating results.

On January 30,the court granted these motions. Smart Access Manager enables operators and others to integrate Wi-Fi management seamlessly into their offerings. Additional information about our development expenses is provided in the results of operations, under the heading “Operating Expenses,” in Part II, Item 7, of this Form K. On March 23,the ALJ issued a new procedural schedule for the investigation, setting a trial date of October 22, to November 2, If wireless handsets are perceived to pose health and safety risks, demand for products of our licensees could decrease.


Consolidation in the wireless communications industry could adversely affect our business. Home Node-B femto cells. Attempts by others to gain unauthorized access to information technology systems are becoming more sophisticated.

idcc Télécharger les documents complets pdf gratuitement |

You should carefully consider the following information and the other information in this Form K in evaluating our business and prospects and before making an investment decision with respect to our common stock.

Moreover, certain of our ircc have not been fully tested in commercial use, and it is ixcc that they may jdcc perform as expected. Heat or snow the price of the vehicle can be updated in the computer system. As part of our idcd strategy, we are seeking to broaden our patent-based revenue sources through targeted acquisitions, research partnerships, joint ventures and the continued development of new technologies.

We do not derive patent licensing revenue from the sale of products by our licensees that are not covered by a patent license agreement. Also, our development activities may experience delays, which could reduce our opportunities for patent sales and licensing. The ALJ granted the motion on August 26, In doing so, the Commission determined certain issues and identified others that would be subject to further proceedings by the ALJ.

With our January 1, adoption of the guidance for accounting for uncertainty in income taxes, certain tax contingencies are recognized when they are determined to be more likely than not to occur.

Our revenues are derived primarily from a limited number of licensees or customers.


Office and research space. If we are unable to implement one or more of these alternatives, we may not be able to meet our payment obligations under the Notes, and this default could cause us to be in idvc on any other future outstanding indebtedness.

The multi-year agreement also resolved all pending litigation between the companies. We are positioning some of our current development projects for the evolving advanced digital wireless markets. Currency fluctuations could negatively affect future product sales or royalty revenues or increase the U.

Our strategy is based on our own projections and on analyst, industry observer and expert projections, which are forward-looking in nature and are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties. In most cases, we recognize the revenue from per-unit royalties in the period when we receive royalty reports from licensees. The distributions from the Signal Trust will support continued research related to cellular wireless technologies.

Royalty rates could decrease for future license agreements due to downward product pricing pressures and competition over a finite pool of patent royalties. Our engineering services business could subject us to specific costs and risks that we might fail to manage adequately. Perceptual Pre-Filter and other video technologies that enhance the streaming of high quality content while reducing bandwidth requirements.


Most strategic investments entail a high degree of risk and will not become liquid for a period of time, if at all.


However, the dividend policy and the payment and timing of future cash dividends under the policy are subject to the final determination each quarter by our Board of Directors that i the dividend will be made in compliance with laws applicable to the declaration and payment of cash dividends, including Section b of the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law, and ii the policy remains in our best interests, which determination will be based on a number of factors, including our earnings, financial condition, capital resources and capital requirements, alternative uses of capital, restrictions imposed by any existing debt, economic conditions and other factors considered relevant by the Board of Directors.

These inventions include or relate to fundamental elements of TDMA-based systems in use around the world. Parties to arbitration might have the right to have the award reviewed in a court 17022 competent jurisdiction.

In conjunction with our participation in certain standards bodies, we have filed declarations stating that we have patents that we believe are or may be essential or may become essential to cellular and other wireless standards and that, with respect to our essential patents, we are prepared to grant licenses on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms or similar terms consistent with the requirements of the respective standards organizations.

On January 10,the Federal Circuit denied Nokia’s petition.

Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, have taken some actions that have been viewed as unfavorable to patentees, including the company. Delays in renewing or an inability to renew existing license agreements could cause our revenue and cash flow to decline. This, to some extent, is subject to general economic, financial, competitive, legislative and regulatory factors as well as other factors that are beyond our control.

In addition, a number of other companies also claim to hold patents that are essential with respect to products for the cellular market. As part of its licensing offer, InterDigital will not require that a Chinese Manufacturer agree to a royalty-free, reciprocal cross-license of such Chinese Manufacturer’s similarly categorized standards-essential wireless iccc.