In Imperialism and Global Political Economy Alex Callinicos intervenes in one of the main political and intellectual debates of the day. Imperialism and Global Political Economy, Polity Press: Cambridge,. capitalist heartland, this book by Alex Callinicos could hardly have arrived in a more. Book review: Alex Callinicos Imperialism and Global Political Economy, Polity Press: Cambridge, ; pp: , £ (pbk). Show all authors.

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Raiko rated it really liked it Apr 10, Pete Ramand rated it really liked it Jan 20, From International Socialism imperialiam May 13, Tess rated it really liked it Shelves: Reading Alex Callinicos’ Imperialism as alexx West once again began to bomb Iraq for the third time and in the aftermath of a summer of Israeli assault on Palestine, I was struck by the clarity and importance of the Marxist analysis of Imperialism.

To ask other readers questions about Imperialism and Global Political Economyplease sign up. At the same time, they move from different premises from those of Hardt and Negri to the same conclusion, that geopolitical competition has largely been transcended in contemporary capitalism.

A century or two earlier these two competitive logics had been distinct, rooted in different modes of production: This polarisation of present and future seriously underestimates the fluidity of contemporary geopolitics. Imperialism, he concludes, is far from dead. More detailed analysis of the causes and consequences of the Iraq war will be found in A.

Return to Book Page. Moreover, it would be a mistake to underestimate the reality and the destabilising potential of conflicts among the advanced capitalist states.

We must hope — and act to ensure — that this fragility does not make itself felt in laex brutal and destructive a way. Be the first to ask a question about Imperialism and Global Political Economy.

Imperialism, he concludes, is far from dead. On the other, despite regular predictions to the contrary by Washington, London and a significant section of the Marxist left, France and Germany continue to resist American pressure to participate in the occupation of Iraq.


Imperialism and Global Political Economy

And such a theory needs to comprise not only inter-imperial rivalry, and the conjunctural predominance of one imperial state, but imperalism the structural penetration of former rivals by one imperial state GCAEpp.

Open Preview See a Problem? One consequence of this arrangement was that capital and commodities flowed with growing freedom within this space, to the benefit, again as Panitch and Gindin show, of US banks and transnational corporations.

Alice Mennie rated it it was amazing Oct 12, In the first part, he critically assesses the classical theories of imperialism developed in the era of the First World War by Marxists such as Lenin, Luxemburg, and Bukharin and by the Liberal economist J. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Added to Your Shopping Cart. All of this is fair enough, and one can add other specific reasons why economic competition within the Western bloc need not translate into military conflict.

Rowland Pasaribu rated it really liked it Sep 18, If these arguments are correct, the implications are very serious for Panitch and Gindin. Alex Callinicos’ new book, is a crucial intervention into these arguments Callinicos, Making History 2nd edn, Leidenpp. Not simply was the conquest of Iraq thus a pre-emptive strike by the US, less against Saddam Hussein than against the other leading powers, but the unfolding of the crisis made the tensions within the Western bloc dramatically visible.

Imperialism and Global Political Economy – Alex Callinicos – Google Books

In this book Callinicos traces the history of Imperialism, both as a political concept, and as a force that shaped, and continues to shape, the world we live in. You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site.

Geopolitical competition can no longer be pursued without the economic resources that could only be generated within the framework of capitalist relations of production; but capitals involved in increasingly global networks of trade and investment depend on different forms of support, ranging from tariff and subsidy to the assertion of military power, from their nation-state.

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Sep 22, Martin Empson rated it a,ex liked it. Simultaneously China has also become a lightning-rod for geopolitical tensions, has supplanted Japan as the main object of protectionist agitation in the US, and has been identified by the Pentagon and the CIA as the Great Power with which America is most likely to go to war.

Imperialism and Global Political Economy by Alex Callinicos

But it does not follow that this competition must necessarily take the form of conflict, ultimately military, among a relatively small number of roughly equal Great Powers or coalitions of Great Powers — as it did in the lead-up to both the First and Second World Wars. He breaks the field into three basic categories: Luka Ekhvaia rated it really liked it May 20, This time he promises to back up his own claims as well as Harvey’s, presumably with empirical evidence, which is something that in my opinion has been dearly missing from these types of debates on imperialism.

But the fact that the US-dominated space did not fragment does not mean that serious tensions do not exist within it, or that maintaining it intact does not require continuing and contested effort on the part of the American state.

Nathan Renault rated it really liked it Sep 14, Blobal, The Economics of Global Turbulenceas above. Like all human phenomena, US imperialism is subject to the law of unintended consequences.