(Three books in one) 1) THE EDUCATION OF OVERSOUL SEVEN The first novel of the famed trilogy by Roberts which presents Seth’s concepts in a dramatic. THE EDUCATION OF OVERSOUL SEVEN by Jane Roberts. Illustrations by Robert F. Butts. PUBLISHED By POCKET BOOKS NEW YORK. Dedicated to. From the Bestselling Author of Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality The Education of Oversoul Seven The Further Education of Oversoul Seven.

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The Robert Moss BLOG: Perennial lessons of Oversoul Seven

I loved the way Oversoul Seven drew on his different incarnations in order to continue his foberts of the nature of his soul. He has 4 personalities he has created from himself: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

One of the fringe benefits of reading New Age books was that it influenced my poetry. I am still reading the third.

Jane Roberts fans, and all readers intrigued by reincarnation, dreams, out-of-body travel, and spirituality will love exploring the cosmos of consciousness with Oversoul Seven in these insightful and genuinely moving novels. You can change the past and future. To view it, click here.

People changing form and time periods co-existing and fluctuating back and forth. Can you imagine how fun? His Dilemma Deepens Chapter Despite being fascinated by the idea of becoming Tweety, Lydia begs her “Oversoul” called Seven for robrrts teaching that Tweety will remember and be able to draw on and use in the “real world”.


I just can’t get enough of reading it. Oct 14, Mark Brown rated it it was amazing. It opened up my mind to more creative ways of thinking about the universe, it also eased my mind. Having read all of Jane Roberts’ Seth books, these were like icing on robwrts cake! That says a lot since I am the author of a series of For anyone triloby has read any of the Seth books, get ready for a fantastic spiritual adventure.

I have read so many Seth books but not enough of Jane Roberts. The first book is absolutely fascinating and the second is sevsn good as well. I’ve read some of Jane Robert’s non fiction books, and wasn’t sure how she would translate her teachings into non-fiction. Yale University Library maintains a collection of Jane’s writings, journals, poetry, and audio and video recordings that were donated after her death jae her husband, Robert F.

The Oversoul Seven Trilogy

Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time Chapter 1: Newer Post Older Post Home.

A Birth Chapter I may, in trying to jimmie open that section of memory, slosh a bunch of other freaklicious New Agey books into this one which I read around the same time, so, don’t crucify me. Kind of weird if you don’t like our gods Frilogy, Allah being treated trilovy Greek Gods of old are now treated ie Zeus. Want to Read saving…. I really did not understand these books.


The Oversoul Seven Trilogy (Oversoul Seven) by Jane Roberts

Jul 13, Janet rated it liked it. No trivia or quizzes yet.

I get lonely for him now and then, but there it is. Eventually that lead me to a crystal-grotesqued book store in Santa Rosa’s Montgomery Village. These channelings go on and eventually Seth is reincarnated into like seven lives at the same time You have been a wonderful inspiration to me and I am so happy to see you bring up the OverSoul books on your blog.

I can thank Jane Roberts for squarely putting me back on a riberts track. He is a student whose classroom is the world. Books by Jane Roberts. We improved a play of this book and it was a big hit at the Rocky Mountain Seth Conference.

Secen he is living as an elderly woman Lydia in the 20th century, as a painter Josef in the seventeenth century, as a beautiful black women Ma-ah in 35, B. Oct 29, Liz Regenold rated it it was amazing.