public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream(“”); Doc doc = new SimpleDoc(in, DocFlavor. private boolean printData(PrintService printService, String printText) { try { SimpleDoc doc; doc = new SimpleDoc(es(), vor . DocPrintJob; import xception; import ervice; import erviceLookup; import Doc; import.

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java printing – printing a pdf (Beginning Java forum at Coderanch)

This library can render PDFs; it should be possible to adapt it to print them as well if it can’t do that out of the box. I’m sorry, my bad. SimpleDoc All Implemented Interfaces: Please share the link if you have.

Whose rules are you playing by? Do jva any solutions for this? It prints fine, but it just prints out tons of characters, not the actual document I’m sending to the printer.

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When your printer needs to be found, it would be something like “searching for printer” and when you are connecting to the printer, it would be “connecting” or so. PDF not supported by printer: Below is another code based on my research:.

Print a document using java API. Printing pdf files using java Ask Question. If someone could point me to some resources on java printing that i might not be finding, or iava me with some information on this, I would truly appreciate it.


The program is able to load the file and send the print job – it reaches the printer, but on the printer the control panel prompts the user to load Prinf, Plain Paper.

What I’m needing to do is send a pdf document to the printer upon user request. DocFlavor getDocFlavor Determines the doc flavor in which this doc object will supply its piece of print data.

Another possibility is that your drivers are out of date. In particular this class implements certain required semantics of the Doc specification as follows: How do I know the simplecoc stream is ready? Low-end consumer printers typically won’t do PDF directly; larger office and production printers mostly will do PDF and lots of other formats directly. You are using the default printer.

The Doc implementation is required to support this method if the DocFlavor has one of the following print data representation classes, and return null otherwise: Even I face the same problem. Object getPrintData Obtains the print data representation object that contains this doc object’s piece of print data in the format corresponding to the supported doc flavor. I don’t think there are printers or printer drivers that understand PDF files Sure there are – or the company I work for wouldn’t have a business!

The following code worked perfectly for me, except for some page margin which is of course can be adjusted: However, if the print data representation object is itself a Reader then the print data representation object is simply returned. Hello Val, Thanks for sharing this code. If an input stream cannot be provided because this doc does not meet the criteria stated above, null is returned.


Java Code Examples of Doc

Clients who want to re-use the doc object in other jobs, or need a MultiDoc will not want to use this class. The print job will come out if the user presses “OK” on the printer to override and print to whatever paper is loaded. This tiny ad doesn’t respect those rules: Be sure to empty the print queue first. Because I face the same problem as you The printer is hosted on a Windows Server machine. I don’t think there are printers or printer drivers that understand PDF files.

Reader getReaderForText Obtains a reader for extracting character print data from this doc. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.