Ned Kelly’s passionate letter to the press offered a rare insight into his feelings. Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter is not your standard bushranger confessional, it’s a searing document of prophecy and self-mythologisation. State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Object Name Jerilderie Letter. Object/Collection Description Only two original documents by Ned Kelly are known.

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But despite Kelly’s threats, Living never published the letter. Online version of the Jerilderie Letter p. May 29, Tom rated it it was ok Shelves: I have read over other reviews and seen the 1 stars given for complete lack of punctuational or syntactical attention.

Lettr was shot in the arm and Ned wounded in the foot, hand and arm. Reading this did not sway my mind about Ned, who remains in my mind as a robber, murderer and rogue.

Jerilderie letter

Living ignored Kelly’s demands and set off on horseback with the document towards DeniliquinNew South Wales50 miles away, from where he planned to catch a train to Melbourne. Two copies were made of Ned Kelly’s letter, one by publican John Hanlon and one by a government clerk.

For several years, tensions remained high in north eastern Victoria between Kelly sympathisers and the authorities, while official policy denying sympathisers the right to select jetilderie nearly led to a second rebellion.

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We pay our respect to their elders, Ancestors and spirits as jerilderje of lrtter country on which we work. The page document he tried to have published at Jerilderie in February appears to be the final working of one that was first circulated at Euroa in December The Jerilderie Letter is fond of animal imagery, and Kelly and his gang are often likened to feral or native creatures fleeing their pursuers: Available editions United States.

Objects from the gold rushes and rural settlement have an intangible significance to many regional and urban communities as it is a major theme in Australian history and many communities can trace their family history to the gold rushes. Cost cutting meant dismissals rather than fines or transfer whenever the Chief Police Commissioner wanted to reduce police numbers.


Kelly calls for justice for his family and for other poor Irish families who had settled jwrilderie the north-east of Victoria. Open Preview See a Problem? This edition contains a helpful introduction that places the letter in its historical context and informative footnotes appear regularly throughout.

With the decline of the Ovens gold fields, large numbers of lettet sought to establish themselves on small farms in north eastern Victoria, in the region around Benalla, Wangaratta and Beechworth.

Jerilderie Letter, p. 43 | Ergo

This website jrilderie been archived and is no longer updated. The letter is evidence of the unrest on the gold fields, the importation of ideas of democracy and emancipation with the migrant miners and the experience of Selectors and the Irish.

It is difficult to actually rate this. The Illustrated Australian Newsc.

We hear the living speaker in a way that no other document in our history achieves Davies called “The Kellys Are Out! Ned Kelly, Jerilderie Letter.

The Jerilderie Letter | Ergo

Ned returned, still clad in armour, looking huge and grotesque in the early mist. Page 1 Copy of Kellys’ Confession Dear Sir I wish to acquaint you with some of the occurrences of the present past and future, In letteer about the Spring of the ground was very soft, a Hawker named M r Gould got his waggon bogged, between Greta and my mother’s place house on the eleven mile creek, the ground was that rotten it would bog a duck in places so M r Gould had to abandon his waggon for fear of losing his horses in the spewy ground he was stopping at my jerildetie awaiting finer or dryer weather, M r M c Cormack and his Wife, Hawkers’ also were camped in Greta and the mosquitoes were very bad which they generally are in a wet spring and to help them M r Johns had a horse called Ruita Cruta, although a gelding was as clever as old Wombat or any other Stallion.

We are updating our new website in stages. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: It was later returned to Living, whose family donated it to the State Library of Victoria in Jerrilderie 10, Clare Bear rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This is the document Kelly handed to Living. Considering it was hidden from the public view for 51 years, I think It says something about Parliaments fear of it’s influence if it were to be read by a sympathetic eye.


The police, meanwhile, were closely allied with the squatters; the officers mixed with them socially and the force was ever-eager to pursue alleged cattle thieves because of the substantial rewards on offer. What is most disgusting, are the published images of Ned and his young mates after they were hung. Wikimedia Commons Is the Jerilderie Letter a bit like poetry?

Text Publishing Joyce and Kelly did indeed have legter Irishness in common — and both registered their exile from the homeland. The heading Hanlon gave to his copy of the letter is “Ned Kelly’s Confession”. Dan went into hiding; Mrs Kelly, her son-in-law, William Skillion, and a neighbour, William Williamson, were arrested and charged with aiding and abetting the attempted murder of Fitzpatrick. Rules Sawmills then for Heach and Letteer I never worked for less than two pounds ten a week since I left Pentridge and in or I was overseer for Saunders and Rules, Bourke’s water Holes sawmills in Victoria since then I was on the King River during my stay there I ran in a wild bull which I gave to Lydicher a farmer.

An old man named Cherry was in a detached kitchen, fatally wounded by a police bullet; young John Jones, son of the hotel-keeper, was similarly shot in the abdomen and died in hospital.

It was transcribed from the mouth of Ned by Joe Byrne, whose highest education was grade The government and squatters were alarmed at the degree of public sympathy for this gang of jerilderrie. Brown included the letter in full in his book and introduced it lettee an “8, word statement I have called The Jerilderie Letter”.