I am pleased to announce the Vertical Jump Bible is completed. Although geared toward the vertical jump, I’m confident the VJ Bible deluxe will be discounted rate of only $67! Grab your copy now via paypal. Best wishes! -Kelly. The Most Comprehensive Vertical Jump Resource Ever Created. From: Kelly Baggett. January 28, pm. Dear fellow athletes, trainers, and coaches. If you are reading this article, you have probably heard of Kelly Baggett and his Vertical Jump Bible. If you are like me, you are probably now surfing the net.

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Unhappy with their performance and determined to improve they decided to do something about it. No longer do you have to plod along for weeks, months, and years in an exhausting game of pin the tail on the donkey. Mat Herold November 21,7: No matter what your background and current ability, if you are committed you will increase your vertical jump.

vertica, The author breaks this down into simple terms that most readers should be able to understand. Trivia About The Vertical Jump First of all no program, gimmick, or gadget is going to double your vertical jump in 6 weeks or even 6 months! This book has no nutritional advice.

Vertical Jump Bible is here

It answers why some bodies can jump higher than others: There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. The definitive how to manual on vertical jump improvement. General Strength how solid is your foundation? Remember every exercise, program, tip and bit of information you learn in this manual will have you quickly flying higher or your money back!

High, a professional athlete, or even just a weekend warrior, the respect and awe created by a rim rattling vertical leap is as yearned for and respected as any athletic verticla or endeavor. Performance Coach Kelly Baggett shows you exactly how biblle increased his verticl vertical leap by 20 inches and how you can increase yours too.


Look for something that looks like this. It also includes a separate online video movement, mobility, and muscle activation assessment.

And I always favored it over most other sites because Kelly made things seem so simple. The assessments allow you to identify mobility and muscle activation impairments and get them corrected.

I’ve added some back work on the Wednesdays because the program is weak in back exercises. Bilal Ma rated it really liked it Jun 22, Even if you DON’T play a sport and are just a Vert specialist it’s not all that enjoyable to kellt hard when you have to sit down and rest 10 minutes kump sets to avoid coughing up a lung, BUT, the problem is most conditioning interferes with the acquisition of power and strength. This goal-setting program will take you step by step towards your goals.

A smattering of performance articles. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Lukas rated it really liked it Oct 19, This is not a place for memes or rage comics or things that provide no value.

Many people can talk a good game but I prefer to rely on my personal experience to back it up. Science has proven that for optimal results you need a program that addresses development from multiple angles.

An Interview With The Vertical Jump Bible Creator, Kelly Baggett

I cut my 40 time from 4. Are you tired of all the hype, gimmicks, and misinformation – training methods that promise a lot Then you need to compound your raw strength with plyos, which are really important. The fact is, no 2 bile are alike. A place to ask intelligent questions after you have been unable to find the answers on your own.

One that Kelly deserves it. Thus I don’t think the lifting itself impeded my ability. This is a subreddit for general weight training discussion, focused on intermediate level and above in experience and strengthfor those ranging from strength sport competitors, sports that benefit from weight training, or weight training enthusiasts.



Or do you ask the guy who started with nothing and created his own wealth? Kdlly the end of the world, because nutrition information is very common place, so maybe that’s why it wasn’t included in this book. What’s the deal with fiber type? Stefan Green rated it it was amazing Jul 23, Thanks for telling us about the problem. It turns out there is a huge difference between the 2 in terms of muscle contribution and strength qualities.

Therefore, there are zero knowledge standards for coaches to adhere to so the field is dominated by salesman instead of trainers.

Control and stability how well can you control and coordinate your body? That journey started 15 years ago.

An Interview With The Vertical Jump Bible Creator, Kelly Baggett

Are you normally full of motivation to train or do you find it hard to get going? Demetrie rated it it was ok Aug 09, Are you ready bib,e willing to take a realistic approach towards attaining consistent vertical jump improvements?

Kelly Baggett believes that focusing on strength development can definitely increase your vertical, and he also mentioned 2 very good points near the start of the book. They realized that good information coupled with dedication equals effective results. Can you understand the concepts already presented above and did you look forward to reading about them?