The KKS system is a classification system for the complete power plant and its components and provides a common language for the designer. MEDUPI POWER STATION I Doc No-: KKS01 I Rev: 1 KKS CODING AND LABELLING Doc Type: Procedure Page 2 of 26 Contents 1. Purpose. Power Plant Labelling Sytem (KKS Numbering Code) Checklist for Civil Procedure. a helpful checklist when running through a civil procedure exam.

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Inosanto Numbering System Inosanto Kali notes. Tooth Numbering System Word File tooth no. Plant Commissioning Start Up Procedure[1]. Checklist for Civil Procedure a helpful checklist when running through a civil procedure exam.

Procedure for Plant Identification(KKS Numbering System)

Hydrotest Procedure for Pipeline example. A uniform identification structure, with a maximum of four breakdown levels, was created for all three types; the units referred to becoming smaller from left to right.

F Process-related identification In this type of identification the entire system is subdivided according to the function or process, since, whether for mechanical, electrical, control of civil engineering, the equipment units and components must be identifiable in relation to the process. The process-related identification is for many applications the most important identification, since it permits, for example, locations of electrical and control equipment, rooms, signals, and the identification in circuit diagrams related to particular functions.

In the electrical and instrumentation control engineering tagglng, the equipment for auxiliary services, power supply, open-loop-control, instrumentation, etc. The same applies to structures in civil engineering prpcedure. According to the standard, the prefix sign can be omitted provided that the identification remains unambiguous. Locations, for example, coordinates, racks and positions in cubicles procrdure.

The identification letters now used for the Point of installation identification in the breakdown level FUNCTION are the same as those for the process-related identification.

  LEY NO 29351 PDF

Identification System for Combined Cycle Power Plant (KKS coding)

This improves recognition of the identification in the overall system. This prefix sign is omitted when there is absolutely no ambiguity in layout documents. Fire protection sections are identified according to the room identification. The breakdown levels have the following structures: Rules on AN numbering for piping and in-pipe-components Serial No.

KKS Identification System for Power Plants – Function and Type

Code 0 Identification Common for the plant unit: Cooling water system – Closed cooling water system – Compressed air system Rev. F Equipment Unit Key, groups A1: In other document it may be used according to separate agreements. F Process-related Designation The breakdown levels have the following structure: If consumer system limits are not defined, the beginning of consumer system is at branch-off or outlet of supply system or at a point where unequivocal allocation of a component to consumer system is possible.

F Point of Installation Identification This designation is used for the point of installation identification in assembly units for instrumentation and control system for e. Not only is this taggiing important for cabling but for the interconnection of electrical equipment and equipment of the control technical as well. The Point of Installation Code is divided into different breakdown levels with different meanings, from right to left in diminishing order, starting from the Total Plant up to the Installation Space Code.

The following example illustrates the structure of the Point of Installation Code: Prefix symbol for point of installation code Designation of Entire Plant Units Designation of Units Groups Systems classifying System tabging Break down symbol “full stop” it yagging be omitted Installation space code – vertical subdivision where needed Additional code – identification of special components where needed 1.


Data characters AN indicate counting in the horizontal direction columns numbering. As alphabetical letters without I and O are used, on data characters A1 A2 for procedire of installation identification in the assembly unit there occurs the combination of letters as for the aggregate designation according to process. The following principles direct for the designation of installation point in assembly units: F General rules on other numbering code elements Fn, An, Bn.

However, such schemes may not have the effect of reserving numbers in other applications, not even within the same engineering discipline. They have to be written down directly in the Function key code and must be respected by the partners. The systems and equipments which are controlled or monitored by the local control equipment under supervision of the plant DCS shall also equip the KKS number.

Cabinets CJF Boiler control system incl. Treatment system GUA Rainwater collection and drainage systems free for use e. Because relevant design progress have been done too much. AM Mixers, agitators AN Compressor, fans and blower unit AP Pump units AS Adjusting and tensioning equipment for non-electrical variables to be applied tgging, if the actuator forms itself a constructive unit with another equipment unit AT Cleaning, drying, filtering and separating equipment and trap, excl.

F process system e.

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