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Parquet wood are the principles of insects.

What can be placed on existing ceramic tiles? Is insulator, biologically harmless, impregnated with natural waxes.


Tagi Admonter burmatex price price comparison the thickness of the laminate flooring iglani under insects itison production pressures ceramics ceramic tiles varnishing laminated laminates adhesives glue Advice renovation of flooring renewable carpeting Others panel parket parquet parketar parquet flooring flooring parquet humidity cork laying Wooden Floors Flooring static electricity Services lightweight construction drywall screed drywall screeds flooring carpeting underfloor heating TAPISA carpeting vinflex panel height parquet height parquet by parquet Cleaning.


With it dry screed achieve improved heat and sound insulation and saves time.

What price comparison between floor coverings? Is coated with bitumen and with a slight surface pressure is compressed in a homogeneous and stable insulating layer. From neekpsandiranega perlite and its use in the mezzanine structure.

How important are the glue during installation?

Suhi estrih – nasutje, plošče – Parquet Parketing Maribor

Such a floor in an apartment offering rapid implementation and do dva and compared to traditional flooring ready for further work. These dry screeds achieve better thermal and sound insulation as well as save on time. All offer fast installation, clean work and this installation does not know elevated humidity. Trzaska,sl 65, Maribor Phone: Cables are installed on leveling the ground nasutjewhich serve as a basis before laying the floor chipboard, which are installed later.

Suhi estrih – nasutje, plošče

How many silipegl can renew parquet? Our lounge with pearlite pressure as pleasant as we this floor insulation provides high-quality feeling warm and elastic soil.

DRY screed — PANEL Their properties dry screeds so, to have a lower specific gravity than the classic, clean build, while we do not have any problems with the humidity in the room. Allowing us the possibility of installation silipedl all normal congested spaces primarily for residential construction.


In the implementation of perlite pressure dirt in the adjacent rooms, not wet and extremely ideal for rehabilitation and reconstruction of residential premises. DRY screed- Infilling On the concrete slab is first carried out the work of the fill.

When it will be necessary to restore the parquet? This granulate is chemically neutral and resistant to mold and extremely stable, and bare. On this panel A-8 can be laid as a system for underfloor heating. What floor is the fastest integrated?

In the manufacture of rigid onauf floor is used for a variety of panel, which have different properties. Our advice Or can be installed on the parquet floor heating?