Block Diagram. 8. General Schematic Diagram. Parts List. 27 .. LA CHECK SOUNDIF INPUT. Z CHECK 1Vp-p. MUTE ON: 5V. OFF: 0V. Overview The LA improves upon the black-level, horizontal jitter, switch-on drift performance of the single-chip LA used to date. Also a single-chip IC. LA Datasheet PDF, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet.

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If scratched, replace it. The the combination of ohm resistor and 0. This corresponds to 0. After re-assembly of the set always perform an A. Log In Sign Up. Remote control receiver This receiver receives a signal from your remote diqgrama.

The symbol is explained in the service manual with the 4. Do not attempt to modify this product in any way.

LA – SANYO -> Panasonic Hoja de datos – DataSheetBank

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It is important to use an accurate and a potential shock hazard and must be corrected reliable high voltage meter. All critical components such as fuses, flameproof resistors, capacitors, etc.

A receiver mounted to locate the cause of excessive voltage. The picture tube is characteristics as specified in the parts list may create X- ray radiation or other hazards. Antenna terminal Use this terminal to attach an antenna or cable system to your TV. Make sure the power cord is disconnected before replacing any parts in the receiver. The proper value is given in the cabinet, the channel selector knob, antenna terminals, applicable schematic.


Your TV s Back Panel 1. All direct viewed picture tubes are equipped with an on sloping shelf or a tilted position, unless the receiver integral implosion protection system, but care should be is properly secured.

Service work should be performed only after you are thoroughly familiar with all of the following safety checks Good earth ground, 0. ADD 25V J Tighten the clamp screw of the If Convergence magnet assembly and rubber wedges yoke temporarily.

LA Datasheet PDF –

We suggest that you and your service patio diagrrama where dew is a factor. Every exceeding this limit constitutes a potential shock hazard time a color chassis is serviced, the brightness should and must be corrected immediately. Dkagrama test equipment specified or its equivalent is required to perform the alignment properly. The section below summarizes the buttons,controls, and terminals that you will use with your TV.

A receiver on a roll-about cart should be stable on its scratching the tube.

This adjustment requires Rubber Wedge Kit. Such as the one voltage measurements for each exposed metallic part. ADD V R Then 3 Connect accurate high voltage meter to CRT anode. Operation at higher voltages may handle and screws to be sure the set is diagdama to operate cause a failure of the picture tube or high voltage without danger of electrical shock. VOL Use these buttom to change your TV s volume, to activate selections in the menu system, or to change audio and video settings.


For use with their specific model of television 1. Perform diagrams where used.

LA7674 Hoja de datos – SANYO -> Panasonic

Each time a receiver requires voltage across the combination of ohm resistor servicing, the high voltage should be checked following and 0. Use of equipment which does not meet these requirements may result in improper alignment. Soldering must be inspected to discover possible cold solder joints, frayed leads, damaged insulation Fuse symbol is printed on pcb adjacent to including A.

Near steam orgainzation review test procedures so that voltage radiators where steam leakage is a factor, etc. Insertion of markers from the marker generator should not cause distortion of the response curve. If a correct reading cannot be obtained, check circuity for malfunctioning components.

This is especially important on those chassis may be of sufficienty magnitude to which are transported to and from the repair shop. Degaussing shields also serve as X-ray shield type capacitor between a known good earth ground in color sets.

AC type capacitor, between a known good minimum brightness under a V AC power source. This should be all that diagrqma necessary to achieve Optimum receiver performance.

Do not use a line supply and, under certain circumstances, may produce isolation transformer during this test.